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Blood Suckers From Outer SPace (1984) - Blu-ray

5 beers“Damn. That incidental music is scary!”

They are baaaaack! Writer/director Glen Coburn’s creature feature remains a B-grade classic of camp and horror. Vinegar Syndrome gloriously embraces the return of these Bloodsuckers from Outer Space! Chainsaw beheadings never looked this good!

The madness begins on a fog soaked morning. A famer (Dan Gallion) is unloading wood from the back of his truck. He is bundled up well. This farm looks completely isolated. It feels like rural Kansas as this hardworking man goes about his chores of feeding horses and fixing fences. It isn’t until he leaves the tractor shed when he notices that there’s something truly messed up heading his way. The wind shifts. He hangs onto his CAT hat and then, suddenly not feeling so well, he starts spitting up blood. It is a gruesome scene as this poor farmer succumbs to whatever strange alien virus has just infected him.

"Bloodsuckers from Outer Space is the bloodiest (and funniest) mess you’ve ever seen."

And the animals are helpless to do much of anything except look on. Their eyes get wider, though, when he suddenly sits up. Something weird is going on here! He’s suddenly blue and veiny and growling. And he’s oh so hungry! Something weird is REALLY going on here! Call in the United States Army with their black cars and their official papers. After all, General Sanders (Dennis Letts) is “a very good general” – even if he doesn’t always know the password to get into bases.

That’s right, kiddos, Bloodsuckers from Outer Space has arrived in glorious HD! It is a B-movie unlike most as it ramps up the comedy and the gore thanks to an unexpected energy field that has had some odd effects upon the citizens of the town and delivers a satisfying snack of gruesome hilarity. Vinegar Syndrome, with a newly scanned transfer from the original 16mm elements, has done fans of this hilarious flick a solid with their latest blu-ray release.

Filmed in and around Dallas, Texas, this movie is filled with some of the best (read as worst) lines of dialogue to ever be introduced in American cinema. You will howl with laughter as research scientists, after threatening a “disgusting” bloodsucker with a proper bashing of their skull, are encouraged to start acting like scientists and then placated with two small pills to help center themselves. Wash it down with some whiskey. Wow. I want to work there.

The authorities soon arrive. And so, too does the local newspaper writer. But only one dares speak to the press. Buford (Jim Stafford) who blames the devil worshipping homosexuals down the road. Everyone knows they are only Presbyterians, though. He repeats an ideologue that is still present in most of rural America. And, yes, sadly it is laced with racism and bigotry. Even communists get thrown in for good measure.

Jeff (Thom Meyers), the newspaper reporter who was grossed out at the beginning of the movie, gets a lecture from Uncle Joe (Robert Bradeen) soon after the “smart” scientists over at Research City (EH?!) are introduced. Uncle Joe, with a velvet Jesus looking down from the wall behind him, just wants him to stop writing for the town’s stupid newspaper. Art is shit, he explains. No one understands it. He wants him to work for him. After all, someday all of this – the house, the land, (pause) the cow – will be Jeff’s.

Jeff doesn’t want it. He wants to express himself by writing about articles that deal with bloodsucking aliens and so Joe gives him a deadline to make his decision. He’s got until 5pm that day to either stay or walk away from it all. Cue the angsty montage! Full of some laughably awful acting and a core of camp that is 100% legit, Bloodsuckers from Outer Space is one of the few B-movies available to us that manages to get the balance between comedy and horror exactly right. And, in between all the shower bleedings and Pyscho nods, that’s saying something HUGE right there.

Blood Suckers From Outer SPace (1984) - Blu-ray

Enter the “phantom of the local bar” who offers to give the poor dude a lift. Julie (Laura Ellis) has a tank of nitrous oxide in the back of her car. Yum yum! Don’t worry. The weirdness is an unending cycle of weird; it is just as the janitor of Research City predicts time and time again. There truly IS something weird going on and it’s THIS MOVIE! Thank the maker!

See one frustrated young man karate chop his mutated uncle! Watch scientific smartasses get their comeuppance in Bloodsuckers from Outer Space! It is the place where cable television addictions, stamp collections, and matching lab coats with cursive embroidery meet.

Bloodsuckers from Outer Space is the bloodiest (and funniest) mess you’ve ever seen. Grab some barbeque ribs, pop this disc in your player, and fucking dig in!


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Blood Suckers From Outer SPace (1984) - Blu-ray

MPAA Rating: R.
79 mins
: Glen Coburn
Glen Coburn
Robert Bradeen, Big John Brigham, Glen Coburn
: Horror | Comedy | Sci-fi
Nobody Can Escape ...
Memorable Movie Quote: "Oh, no; I just can't take another kung fu scene!"
Theatrical Distributor:
No theatrical release
Official Site:
Release Date:

DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
May 29, 2018
Synopsis: Farmers in Texas become brainwashed bloodsuckers.


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Blood Suckers From Outer SPace (1984) - Blu-ray


Blu-ray Details:

Home Video Distributor: Vinegar Syndrome
Available on Blu-ray
- May 29, 2018
Screen Formats: 1.85:1
: English SDH
English: DTS-HD Master Audio Mono
Discs: Blu-ray Disc; Two-disc set; DVD copy
Region Encoding: Locked to Region A

Featuring a new 2K scan from the original 16mm negative, this release from Vinegar Syndrome is a real treat. The brand new 1.85:1 HD master is detailed and looks better than ever. Some shots, due to the era of the day, are fuzzier than others but the image is reasonably well defined with crisp contrasts and solid textures. Colors are solid, with reds being a standout. Blacks are, too. The disc comes with a DTS-HD Master Audio Mono soundtrack.



  • Fans get righteous commentary track from writer/director Glen Coburn, actor Thom Meyers, and cinematographer Chad D. Smith.

Special Features:

Going all out, Vinegar Syndrome gives fans a great release. We get a 50-minute making-of documentary, 1 15-minute look at the film’s locations, a special effects featurette, a still gallery of over 100 images, reversible cover art, and a DVD! What are you waiting for?! Scoop this release up RIGHT NOW!

  • 34 Years Later
  • Back to Bloodsucker Town
  • Bloody Arm Rip 101
  • Stills Gallery


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Blood Suckers From Outer SPace (1984) - Blu-ray