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Abominable (2020) - Movie Review

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Abominable (2020)

It’s about time we had a solid gore-fest against a blanket of white snow.  There’s something about all that red blood mixing into the whitest of snowdrifts to make horror scenes all the more chilling.  Thankfully, producer Justin Price (director of Alien: Reign of Man and The 13th Friday) and director Jamaal Burden (Elves) understand this about icy-themed, independent horror and deliver the grisly goods with Abominable.

"We’re talking face meet tree-shredding antics here as this yeti charges his way through skin and bone"


And, no, this grit-and-gristle horror flick is not a cartoon.  Don't get confused by identical titles, Ghouls and Boils.

Death.  That’s what happens to the unfortunate research team at the center of this survival flick when they go stomping into the territory of the yeti.  Yes, Virginia, yeti DO exist and it turns out that they are quite into botany and brawn, protecting their plants and their trees with blunt (and truly terrifying) force.  

We’re talking face meet tree-shredding antics here as this yeti charges his way through skin and bone in defiance of those foolish enough to enter its wilderness.  And, without even blinking an eye, Abominable gives its audience one gnarly kill scene after another, full of wonderfully ramped-up practical effects and lots of gnarly energy.  {googleads}

This team, keen on curing all sorts of disease thanks to a rare plant that only grows in these treacherous mountains, should prepare to be disfigured.  They don’t know, though, what they are up against it. This yeti isn't “Small Foot”in’ around! Because, after dealing with the ugly side of previous expeditions, he’s ready to tear apart anything that dares to stand on two legs in the Himalayan mountains.  

This yeti will do anything to protect what grows in its habitat.  Humans be damned.

Starring Robert Berlin, Katrina Mattson, Amy Gordon, Brandon Grimes, and John Carlssun, Abominable has a solid cast at its center which might have you thinking about The Thing.  Sure, they might not be there in the Himalayas for the best of reasons, but at least they are, at the beginning, working together. It’s a cast that has a few surprising moments, too.  There are some shortcomings in this independent horror flick, but the fun that’s found here certainly makes up for the logic and the pseudo-science being bantered around.Abominable (2020)

Hell, the first kill happens one minute into Abominable.  We know exactly what type of movie this is and, thankfully, so does it.  The man-in-a-suit creature designs are strong and so, too, are the action sequences which see this poor guy getting shot repeatedly before deciding to rip jaws, arms, and heads off of people.

Come face to face with stone-cold terror!  Abominable arrives on DVD and Digital April 14 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

4/5 stars

Abominable (2020)


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Abominable (2020)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Jamaal Burden
Robert Berlin, Katrina Mattson, Amy Gordon
: Comedy | Crime
It wasn't supposed to exist.
Memorable Movie Quote: "There's no signal coming in or out."
Uncork'd Entertainment
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April 14, 2020
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Abominable (2020)

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