Carrie First Official TrailerLast year's New York Comic-Con treated us to the first teaser trailer, but now Kimberly Pierce's reimagining of the 1976 classic horror film Carrie finally gets a full trailer.

Based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, the film stars Chloe Moretz as the title character, a teenager who is ridiculed by her peers and tortured by her devoutly religious and mentally ill mother before discovering that she possesses telekinetic powers.

It looks like most of the iconic scenes from the original are revisited and Julianne Moore appears absolutely terrifying as Carrie's demented mother. We just wonder if this latest iteration will carry the same impact, given our knowledge of the film's ending and the fact that it doesn't look like they've changed much other than updating the environment to today's world.

You can watch the trailer for Carrie below. The film arrives in theaters on October 18 of this year.