the Troll HunterNot to be left off the Hollywood big screen gravy train, trolls are now clamoring for their right to wreak havoc. That's right, trolls!

In the cinema verite style popularized by such found-footage films as The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield, District 9 and others, comes The Troll Hunter, a film that brings to life the legendary Norwegian folktale that has long told of trolls living in the vast forests of Norway.

After learning of a government conspiracy to cover up their existence, a group of Norwegian film students sets out to capture real-life trolls on film.

Still having a little trouble not laughing while watching this, but we understand it's done very well and from looking at the trailer, there appears to be some genuinely spooky stuff going on here. The Troll Hunter releases on VOD May 6 and will then have a limited theatrical run (Magnet Releasing) beginning on June 10. It is directed by André Øvredal and stars a largely Norwegian cast.

Watch the teaser trailer below for The Troll Hunter of head over to to see it in HD: