Hesher - Movie TrailerWhen speaking of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, one word can be used to sum up the actor's special talent: versatility. The guy has done nothing but great stuff since he burst into the public's consciousness in the late '90s with his star-making go in TV's 3rd Rock From the Sun. He displayed a sensitive side in (500) Days of Summer, and then a more edgy facet in last year's brain-twisting Inception. Apparently, he's ready to chameleon again.

Watch the trailer for Hesher below and you'll see what we mean. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the greasy-haired, bad-ass, self- destructing titular character who is malnourished, smokes a lot of cigarettes, likes fire and blowing things up, and lives in his van… that is, until he meets TJ (Devin Brochu).

The film debuted at Sundance back in 2010 but has had a little trouble finding its legs, even with Natalie Portman and Rainn Wilson in the credit list. But the film finally gets a theatrical release, as well as a new trailer and poster which can be seen below.


Hesher - Movie Trailer