Rubber movie Trailer"Little Tire, Big Dreams." That's the tagline of Quintin Dupleux's Rubber, a movie about a serial killer, that's actually a tire. Sounds silly, we know. But buzz says this one is so bat-shit wacky it actually works.

The premise goes like this: When Robert, an inanimate tire, discovers his destructive telepathic powers, he soon sets his sights on a desert town; in particular, a mysterious woman becomes his obsession. OK, you can stop saying "that sounds ridiculous" now.

The film, which debuted at last year's AFI Fest, caused quite the stir then, and now sets its tracks on a wider audience with the release of a new red-band movie trailer over at Hulu, which you can also watch below:

Director: Quentin Dupieux

Writer: Quentin Dupieux

Cast: Stephen Spinella; Jack Plotnick; and Wings Hauser

The film is rated R and opens April 1 of this year.