Nothing Left to Fear trailer

When rock star Rob Zombie crossed over to make horror movies, it kind of made sense. In his solo career, he wrote songs like “Living Dead Girl” and “American Witch.” His earlier band White Zombie took its name from a Bela Lugosi film. Plus, he just plain looked scary.

But Slash?

Former Guns ’n’ Roses guitarist Slash loves scary movies so much that he started his own horror production company, appropriately called Slasher Films. Its first project is Nothing Left to Fear,
produced by Slash and opening in limited theaters on October 4.

The story is set in a small Kansas town where not all is as it seems. A young family moves in and the husband becomes a pastor. Their new house is beautiful and the neighbors seem friendly. But the town has a secret: its cemetery is one of seven gateways to hell. (Is that why the house was so cheap?)

The trailer is full of religious overtones. It hints at a dark ritual with some kind of sacrifice, which you suspect is human and none too happy. There’s a scene reminiscent of Poltergeist with the
panicked family fleeing in their car. Apparently, it doesn’t take long for the town to change from Stepford into Amityville.

Months before its release, Nothing Left to Fear is already causing a stir over its setting in the real town of Stull, Kansas. Urban legends about the Stull cemetery in particular date back to the
Seventies. Now with help from the Internet, believers tell tales of the devil appearing there every year on Halloween. Depending on the story, he visits the grave of one of his wives or an infant son.

Residents of Stull already deal with vandals stealing headstones and wreaking havoc in their cemetery. One paranormal website even gave tips on how to camp overnight without getting caught by locals, on patrol “every hour or two.”

In an interview, Slash said the movie was shot in Louisiana instead of on location in Stull because “the town didn’t really want us there.” This October, undoubtedly the town will attract
even more unwanted attention.

Watch the trailer for Nothing Left to Fear below: