Hotel Transylvania - Call Me Mavy Video

Selena Gomez and Adam Sandler are teaming up (well, their voices are anyway) for a new animated movie called Hotel Transylvania that features a pretty cool mashup of classic monsters and a star-studded cast boasting the likes of Kevin James, David Spade, Cee-Lo, Steve Buscemi, Fran Drescher and Andy Samberg.

Promising a funny little ironic spin on the relationship between monsters and humans (not unlike Monsters, Inc.), the story takes place in Hotel Transylvania, Dracula’s lavish five-stake resort, where monsters and their families can live it up, free from meddling from the human world. But here’s a little known fact about Dracula: he is not only the Prince of Darkness; he is also a dad. Over-protective of his teenage daughter, Mavis, Dracula fabricates tales of elaborate dangers to dissuade her adventurous spirit.

Check out the film's trailer below to spot some of the world's most famous monsters - Frankenstein and his bride, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, a family of werewolves, and more - who just want to be able to kick back in safety and peace, free from the intrusion of humans.

In support of the film's debut which checks in later this year on September 21st, Sony just released a new video called Call Me Mavy Cover As Sung By Traci L that takes a humorous spoof on Carly Rae Jepsen's hit single Call Me Maybe. Though Selena Gomez voices Mavis in the movie, and the song is about Mavis celebrating her 118th birthday (she's a vampire), it's not exactly clear why Gomez didn't sing the track herself, but regardless, Traci L. belts out a pretty good parody.

You can watch the music video below and take a gander at the film's one-sheet movie poster which is also below.

The rest of the cast of Hotel Transylvania includes David Koechner as Quasimodo, David Spade as Griffin the invisible man, Kevin James as Frank aka Frankenstein, Fran Drescher as his bride Eunice, Steve Buscemi and Molly Shannon as married werewolves Wayne and Wanda, Cee Lo Green as Murray the mummy, and Andy Samberg as Johnnystein, a regular guy.

Hotel Transylvania Movie Poster