Final Destination 5 PosterYes, we know that the last installment of the Final Destination franchise - the fourth in the series - was titled The Final Destination, hinting at the much-awaited end to the series that really should have been put down some time ago. And yes, we also realize that that last installment also featured basically the same thing we saw in the previous three - people dying in a series of elaborately tricked up but bloody - and fatal - scenarios. Same as it ever was.

But like a dope-fiend after the next hit of crack, Hollywood can't resist the lifted skirt allure of potentially raking in another pile of money from a cheaply produced, low-budgeted thriller that'll most certainly pack the theaters with plenty of filmgoers looking for the next cheap thrill. They'll likely find it, but from the looks of the trailer, it will be cheap but it won't be new.

In Final Destination 5 survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse learn there's no way you can cheat Death. Director James Wong returns to the franchise - after having helmed the numbers 1 and 3 - and will present to us potential victims in TV's Emma Bell (The Walking Dead), Nick D'Agosto (Heroes), and Miles Fisher (Gossip Girl).

New Line Cinema recently released the film's first trailer as well as a new poster for the film. Nothing new to be seen in the trailer, but we must admit, the poster looks pretty cool with the dagger-like tail of the number "5" having slashed its way through the eye holes of a skull. We like the minimalism that studio advertisers seem to be going back to as of late.

Check out both below:

Final Destination 5 poster and trailer