Final Destination 5 Full TrailerA poster and teaser trailer for Steven Quale's Final Destination 5 were released back in May. While the trailer did nothing to make us think the franchise is headed anywhere other than where it has already been, we did think the poster showed some pretty cool original thought with a dagger-like tail of the number "5" having slashed its way through the eye holes of a skull.

Well, they've since moved on to a new poster that's clearly meant to hint at not only the gory nature of the franchise, but also at what they hope to be a big 3D box office haul with steel rebar rods ramming through a human skull towards the viewer. And today the new full-length feature trailer hit the web that hints at more of the film's disaster tricks that are set off when Sam Lawton (Nicholas D'Agosto) has a vision of a terrible accident, manages to avoid it, but pays the price by then running from death that stalks in a series of freakishly horrific disasters. In other words, we've seen it all before. Nothing new to see here, folks. Move along.

To their credit, the filmmakers seem to have come up with some ingeniously squirmy tricks we haven't seen before (especially the signature opening disaster), but that's hardly a valid reason to make a new movie. Does anyone else think the bridge collapse doesn't look real?

The Final Destination franchise clearly ran out of gas long ago and is banking on a whole new generation of film-goers to prop it up. Oh, that and the fact that 5 is rumored to be a prequel to a 6 and a 7.

Final Destination 5 is directed by newcomer Steven Quale who counts a TV movie, a movie short and a bunch of assistant director, miscellaneous crew and cinematographer gigs to his credit. Good luck though. The franchise is as close to a sure-fire money-maker as he'll likely ever get, so Quale will make a lot of money on this film, get another gig and then we'll really see if he has anything.

Final Destination 5 will rip through theaters in 3D starting this summer on August 12th.

You can watch the trailer below: