The Adventures of Tintin - poster and trailerLet's call this Tintin week. With two new posters and the first teaser trailer for The Adventures of Tintin hitting the internet, fans of the Georges Prosper Remi (pen named Hergé) comic strip are finally able to see the grand vision being brought to life by director Steven Spielberg, producer Peter Jackson, and co-screenwriter Edgar Wright.

Hergé penned 23 original stories about the Tintin character, an intrepid world-traveling journalist, who along with his trusty canine friend Snowy finds himself in one mysterious adventure after another.

Speilberg et. al. are bringing Herge's beloved stories to life using the same 3-D motion-capture technology utilized by James Cameron in his Avatar. Will be interesting to see if they can take the effect a step further and find a way to eliminate the creepy "dead-eye effect" that has plagued the technology since its inception.

Check out the Adventures of Tintin trailer below or hop over to iTunes to see it in Hi-def.

And the two posters below:

The Adventures of Tintin - poster

The Adventures of Tintin - poster