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Same Boat - Movie Review

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Same Boat (2019)

Bad for humanity or bad people.  Is there a difference? Same Boat, opening with a hilarious assassination of the people who created reality television, doesn’t think so.  In this time-traveling romantic comedy, there are always more people to kill and more bodies to stack. Welcome to the 28th Century!

"an often hilarious merging of science fiction tropes with the romantic comedy genre"

Same Boat, directed by Chris Roberti (Sport Court) and co-written by Josh Itzkowitz and Mark Leidner, begins with the statement that time traveling exists and, to try and make a better future faster, a group of assassins have begun knocking off all the people bad for humanity.  They haven’t always been successful in their attempts, but that doesn’t keep them from trying.

It’s a comedy of errors as James (Roberti), one of those time-traveling assassins, winds up on a cruise with a sick intern, Mot (Julia Schonberg), and a stack of paperwork that goes flying away in the wind.  For a hit man, it’s a perfect play, right? People go missing on cruise ships all of the time. Unfortunately, without his orders and no known target in front of him, he’s spinning out of control. {googleads}

With time on his hands aboard a cruise that goes from Miami to Cozumel, he winds up falling for the woman he is conscripted to kill.  Lilly (Tonya Glanz, Timeless) has just broken up with her boyfriend on the first day of their cruise together.  Really bad timing, right? Rob (Evan Kaufman), her boyfriend, is upset and rightfully so.  Lilly, an attorney who makes huge waves later in life, was supposed to be James’ next target with his gun . . . not his heart.

Arriving this April from Dark Star Pictures, Same Boat is an often hilarious merging of science fiction tropes with the romantic comedy genre.  Or is that vice versa? Either way, it works because this low budget film, rumored to be shot secretly on a real cruise ship, is often funny and charming, working to create a feel good vibe with many spins on its themes concerning a man’s duty and friendship.  Because, yes, sometimes kindness is more powerful than destruction.Same Boat (2019)

What’s key to appreciating this film is your suspension of logic as none of these time-travelers play by any of the familiar rules when it comes to the consequences of interfering with the order of things.  The Butterfly Effect? Throw it out the door. Same Boat is full of great laughs and even better characters as destinies are intertwined and romantic dalliances fortified alongside the tropical breezes. 

Climb aboard!  Same Boat sets sail April 7 On Demand from Dark Star Pictures.

4/5 stars

Same Boat (2019)


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Same Boat (2019)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
83 mins
: Chris Roberti
Chris Roberti
Chris Roberti, Tonya Glanz, David Bly
: Comedy
A time traveling assassin inadvertently falls in love with his target aboard a cruise ship.
Memorable Movie Quote: "We're time traveling assassins."
Dark Star Pictures
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Release Date:
April 7, 2020
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Synopsis: A time traveling assassin inadvertently falls in love with his target aboard a cruise ship.


Same Boat (2019)

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