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Necropath - Movie Review


Atmosphere is everything when it comes to horror and that's why Necropath reigns supreme!

Opening a horror film with oral sex in a car is always a good way to grab the viewer’s attention.  The moans of pleasure quickly turn into screams for dear life as the lanky figure of a jittery killer crawls from out across the darkness, making his presence known with two quick swipes across some poor dude’s jugular.  Turns out, nightmares do come true as one addict’s need to feed his addiction turns to vengeful murder while society collapses all around him.

"wants to eat your heart and swallow your soul, leaving your guts for the rats to fight over"


Wait. What?!  That's right, there in the corner of the screen moves something rather demented-looking.  By the time the figure it is noticed, it is far too late.

And, rather suddenly, we are thrust into a nightmare situation involving drugs and highs that can never be reached again . . . all the while, a siren blares out signaling the end of the world.  This is the bizarre, no holds barred environment of Necropath, a very disturbing horror film from Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight.  

Good luck getting to sleep tonight as zombies, addicts, and a hellbent pharmaceutical company all descend upon a city in a night of sheer terror that will not be forgotten anytime soon.  A mysterious virus is sweeping the streets and, with no end in sight, the night of terror which is the onset of the film turns itself into a plague of zombies with no end in sight.  Not even daybreak can end this night of dark shadows.

Starring Moe Isaac, Nathan Faudree,Cassandra Hayes, Lillian Colvin, Natalie Colvin and Shain Hence, writer/director Joshua Reale’s film is not out to make friends with its audience.  No, this Grindhouse style horror flick wants to eat your heart and swallow your soul, leaving your guts for the rats to fight over.  And it is all in the wake of a mentally deranged maniac’s drug addiction.  Necropath

There is little hope to be found here; one need only ask the family which winds up destroyed by the twists of fate found throughout this feature as an abandoned little girl must scramble to save her baby sister.

Edited together from a total of three different short films, this low budget shocker is quite effective in bringing the fear to boil in our veins.   This is in part credited to the atmosphere established early on thanks to Reale’s use of "Cayo Industrial Horror Realm", his own Halloween attraction.  Thanks to snaking images, creepy backdrops, and an eternally pitch-black atmosphere, Reale succeeds in creating an unyielding element of terror which provides a unique take on psychological horror.

Filmed inside a massive dilapidated warehouse, each Necropath short film has previously been submitted to festivals winning various awards such as two Best Horror Film Awards, Best Makeup FX, Best Director, Best Death Scene, and Audience Choice Award.  But here, edited into one horror tone poem, all the images gel together and create a truthful take on terror unlimited that will not soon stop stalking your imagination with its focused images.

Award-winning horror film Necropath, created with the thought of what happens to the movie monsters who wander freely during extreme pandemics, comes to digital February 9 from Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight.

Trust me, you haven’t lived through anything as terror-forming as the night showcased in Necropath.  I foresee BIG things for Reale forming on the horizon.  With a vision as unique as his, it’s not hard to spot a future in filmmaking for this visionary director. Necropath delivers!

4/5 beers

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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Joshua Reale
Joshua Reale
Brittany Nicole Allen, Brandy Cihocki, Lillian Colvin
: Horror
Even a pandemic can't kill an addiction.
Memorable Movie Quote: "Listen to me. I need you to stay here."
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Gravitas Ventures
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Synopsis: Encompassing many elements relating to issues happening in today’s world, the Grindhouse-style piece tells of a mysterious virus, plague, and pharmaceutical drug conspiracy that  erupts over a city causing a pandemic. In the midst of the chaos, a mentally deranged maniac seeks to fulfill continuous addiction and vengeful murder, despite the imminent demise of society happening around him. The story leads to a family being destroyed leaving an abandoned little girl to save her baby sister.





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