World Ends at Camp Z

Proving that location is everything when it comes to independent movies, World Ends at Camp Z jumps off the screen and demands the viewer’s attention as an idyllic campground becomes Ground Zero for the zombie apocalypse!

Beginning with a clever opening sequence which is more of a wink and a nod to our present day pandemic living conditions, this little chiller thriller locks in its striking use of atmosphere with some stunning drone shots of the area before settling into its La Tuque campsite narrative as Julian (Dean Persons) goes about his daily rounds via a golf cart.  He can’t be bothered with a lost representative from Aaron Prince (Michael Czemerys), the buyer of his uncle’s property, so he stalls and delays the inevitable as best he knows how.  It begins with hanging up the phone.

"this Canadian gem focuses on characters and setting first"

It is obvious that Julian loves the place and doesn’t want to see it sold.  Clay (Osawa Muskwa) tells him otherwise.  So, when Vanessa (Age of the Living Dead‘s Anne-Carolyne Binette) finally shows up, Julian plays dumb and goes out of his way to make Vanessa feel uncomfortable or at least struggle in doing her job.  It doesn’t completely work and the three of them wind up bonding over campground stories, late night meetings, and a growing pandemic concern that seems to be turning average people into, you guessed it, zombies.

Surely, it won’t reach the La Tuque camping area?! 

Think again.  When Aaron arrives, bringing with him his uppity entourage, all Hell breaks loose and the truth of what he plans to do with the site is revealed.  Is there time to stop the sale?  Julian thinks so.  He just needs a little help from an unexpected (and quite bloody) source.

This fun throwback thriller (back to when zombies were just zombies and there was little in the way of messaging) is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.  Directed by Ding Wang and written by Diane Janna, this Canadian gem focuses on characters and setting first - making us fall in love with the area and the stories which bubble up from its beautiful camping area - and then cranks up the gore.  It works.World Ends at Camp Z

Set during a most unusual pandemic, World Ends at Camp Z follows in the same vein as The Walking Dead’s earlier seasons did - you know, when people were actually watching and invested in the characters - and focuses on survival instincts and relationships as one campground owner discovers that the person he sold the camp to has evil intentions with the property.

Headlined by Age of the Living Dead‘s Anne-Carolyne Binette and co-starring Dean Persons, Michael Czemerys, Osawa Muskwa, Rafaela Salomão and Arthur Bussières Gallant, World Ends at Camp Z is a bite-sized chiller which delivers the goods from beginning to its nasty (and on point) end!

Please wear your full PPE.  World Ends at Camp Z is now available on Digital and On Demand from Média DW.

4/5 stars

Film Details

World Ends at Camp Z

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Ding Wang
Diane Janna
Anne-Carolyne Binette; Dean Persons; Osawa Muskwa
: Horror

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Release Date:
January 31, 2022 - digital, on demand
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Synopsis: During the pandemic, the present camp owner is forced to entertain the new buyer then learns of his evil intentions towards the land. In order to stop the sale he has tricks up his sleeve but a zombie uprising was never one of them.


World Ends at Camp Z