Time Now

Sometimes a homecoming can only lead to heartbreak.  This is the truth in the spilled guts of Time Now, which is being released by Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment, and it will leave you trembling.

"a slow burn of strained family dynamics as the thriller aspect gets less attention in the hunt for the truth"


Jenny (Eleanor Lambert) is coming home to Detroit.  Unfortunately, it is not for good reasons.  Her twin brother has died suddenly.  There is a mystery tangled in his death and it languishes  somewhere within his group of friends.  Jenny just knows it.  Unfortunately, the family drama from past scars haunts her every move in this return trip as she begins a search which might be in vain.

But somewhere within this dark urban playground the truth is dangled in front of her.  His death is not what it seems.  Full of shadows and even longer question marks, Time Now is a slow burn of strained family dynamics as the thriller aspect gets less attention in the hunt for the truth.

Written and directed by Spencer King, Time Now is amps up the family drama as Jenny’s mother doesn’t want her or her son, named after her other deceased brother, around.  It turns out that they were originally triplets and Jenny, who is the eldest, failed them all as she is still above ground.  As if her survival is her fault in this cursed land.  This is the fragile and misguided viewpoint of her grieving mother who is all but helpful upon Jenny’s return to the family.  The tragedy of her sons’ has become her mother's whole existence and she is a very bitter woman. Time Now 

Jenny’s used to it; however, she’s at a loss of what to do about the latest passing, so she dives in and discovers that she barely knew him at all.  Nothing she's done has been enough.  She knows it and so, too, does her Aunt Joan (Claudia Black), who takes her to her brother’s apartment.  It is there where Jenny turns her grief into a sort of solution and attempts to get to know her brother through the remnants that can be found in all the mess.

And it leads to a curious group of friends, who know far more than they are willing to share to an outsider. 

Unfortunately, the mystery in the movie comes second to the daughter and mother relationship which makes Time Now feel a bit slower than it needs to be, especially when Jenny is compelled by her sense of being the oldest to try and solve the mystery surrounding his death.  The drama trumps her sense of duty.

Co-starring Xxavier Polk, Paige Kendrick, Dwele, Sebastian Beacon, Jeannine Thompson, Peter Knox, Aaron Matthew Atkisson, Asher Atkisson, Dominique Alexander, and Ashley Sheri and featuring incredible R&B jams from Dwele, Time Now is subtle in its roll-out which will make some audiences lose interest in the mystery surrounding the death of Jenny’s brother.  The drama isn't hard to ignore, but it is far less involving.

Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment are premiering Time Now, writer/director Spencer King’s new mystery-thriller starring Eleanor Lambert (daughter of acclaimed actors Diane Lane and Christopher Lambert) and Claudia Black (Farscape, The Nevers), at this year’s Austin Film Festival.  The film will then play theaters and release on On-Demand platforms in North America on the 26th of October.

Half a truth is often one great lie. 

3/5 stars

Film Details

Time Now

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
90 mins
: Spencer King
Spencer King
Eleanor Lambert; Claudia Black; Xxavier Polk
: Thriller
Half a Truth is Often a Great Lie.
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Theatrical Distributor:
Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment
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Release Date: October 26, 2021
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Synopsis: Several years after a falling out with her family in Detroit, a young woman returns to the city she grew up in to mourn the sudden death of her twin brother. Upon meeting her brother's eclectic group of friends, stepping into the scene he belonged to, and navigating the urban playground that is Detroit, she soon discovers that his death is not what it seems.


Time Now