They Talk

If a film’s atmosphere could whisper all of its secrets, They Talk would never shut up.  This horror film oozes with gothic goo and it does so with intelligence and respect for the horror genre as the past comes crawling out of the grave!

"oozes with gothic goo and it does so with intelligence and respect"

Opening with a series of disturbing images - including a nun on fire at an altar of corpses- before settling on a practically motionless glide over a very still lake, They Talk proves to be a grand balancing act between grace and gore.  Directed by Giorgio Bruno with Calabria, Italy as its backdrop, They Talk is yet more proof that, when it comes to horror, the Italians still know how to do it far better - even if the budgets are smaller.

Starring Jonathan Tufvesson as Alex, a sound engineer who accidentally records a series of sinister voices while filming a documentary, They Talk works its spell like a charm as the supernatural takes center stage in this mystery thriller.  Time is taken with certain aspects of this haunting, but when Alex discovers the anomaly can’t easily be identified, the voices awaken something deep within him, reminding of something from his past.  

Are they human?  They don’t sound like it.  Yet, these messages seem to be warning him about something . . . or someone.  When Amanda (Rocío Muñoz), with whom he shares a terrible secret, re-enters his life, the mystery of the voices and their warnings only intensify.

Co-starring Sydney White, Margaux Billard, Hal Yamanouchi, Aaron Stielstra and Stefania Montesolaro, They Talk has some plotting issues, but all of that can be dismissed by the downright awe-inspiring atmospheres that continue to seep into every frame in spite of the sunlight surrounding the locations.  Oh, yes, there will be chills!They Talk

Directed by Bruno from a screenplay co-written by Vinicio Canton, Stefano Ceccarelli, and Chiara Barbo, They Talk shares a similar plot thread to Brian DePalma classic Blow Out, yet differs as Alex’s search for answers and for meaning in the ghostly messages will bring back mysterious people and events from his past.  It is a tangled web we weave, after all!

Not to mention a threateningly black and gloomy wave of terror that will haunt the poor bastard wholesale, taking no prisoners as the documentary crew gets the surprise of a lifetime from the after life.

They Talk releases on DVD and Digital May 10, 2022 from Uncork’d Entertainment.  Time to start listening to the voices in your head!

3/5 stars

Film Details

They Talk

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Giorgio Bruno
Vinicio Canton; Stefano Ceccarelli
Rocío Muñoz; Sydney White; Margaux Billard
: Horror
The dead can communicate.
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Release Date:
May 10, 2022
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Synopsis: Sound engineer Alex accidentally records sinister voices while shooting a documentary. The voices do not sound human, and they appear to be trying to warn him about someone, or something. His search for their meaning will bring back mysterious people and events from his past. A threatening, black, and gloomy wave starts to haunt him.


They Talk