The Rise of Sir Longbottom

The Agents of Section 62 have returned to stop another villain!

You have to admire the dedication writer/director Clay Moffatt has to the freewheeling films he makes on a dime.  The Rise of Sir Longbottom, being a sequel to 2018’s Pocketman and Cargo Boy, continues both the story of the time traveling agents of Section 62 and introduces audiences to a whole new villain, the evil Sir Longbottom and the mind power he wields in order to take over the world.

"definitely works in creating a fun atmosphere where the absurd becomes, if you are an aspiring filmmaker, inspirational"

Can he be stopped?!  Okay, this is a very silly title for an equally silly movie and, lo and behold, the whole thing works to create a super fun movie, indie warts and all.

Receiving his power from an ancient fountain, Sir Longbottom is a nemesis Section 62 has never seen before and they are going to pay for it dearly.  He’s damned untouchable and is hellbent on bringing the agents of Section 62 to their knees, but their connection might just be his undoing.

Now, before I go any further, it should be noted that this series is probably (hopefully) going to be a trilogy of adventure spy flicks which is to be viewed with your tongue firmly in cheek.  It’s lighthearted and, at times, absolutely crackers in its rollout as The Rise of Sir Longbottom mixes spy tropes with kung-fu antics, time-traveling, and comedy.  

Moffatt doesn’t throw a lot of money at the screen, but his skills at throwing everything else on it is definitely on display as we go from a hilarious capture the flag opening to a cliffhanger of an ending.  It definitely works in creating a fun atmosphere where the absurd becomes, if you are an aspiring filmmaker, inspirational.  Why?  Because - even with no budget - these films are super fun and highly spirited! The Rise of Sir Longbottom 

The Pocketman and Cargo series is a quirky one as teenagers take on adults and win, but that’s to be applauded because the formula, as this one feels tighter, darker, and definitely full of better fight choreography, absolutely works. They are low in budget but high in laughs and world-building techniques as Trevor Doyle (Daniel Main) and Kyle Johnson (Jeremy Behie), otherwise known as Pocketman and Cargoboy, take on exaggerated personalities and the fountain of youth in a time traveling adventure tale that is sure to bowl you over with its cheap dept swagger.

Co-starring Daniel Main, Ben Edwards, Aiyana Irwin, and John J. Berger as Sir Longbottom, The Rise of Sir Longbottom can be streamed on TUBI, Amazon Prime, PLEX, Vimeo, XUMO, and is coming soon to DVD.  It is also on a limited engagement at select Harkins Theaters from July 30th to August 1st 2021.

Let the micro-budget flicks flex!  The Rise of Sir Longbottom is among us.

3/5 stars

Film Details

The Rise of Sir Longbottom

MPAA Rating: PG-13 on appeal for crude sexual content and language.
73 mins
: Clay Moffet
Mackenzie Clark(story); Clay Moffatt
Gianna Frangella; Becky Jo Harris; Mark Speno
: Comedy | Action

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Theatrical Distributor:
Overnight Pictures
Official Site:
Release Date:
January 15, 2021
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Synopsis: Pocketman, Cargoboy and all your favorite agents are back to face a dangerous new threat. When Sir Longbottom comes up with a plan for world domination it will take everything just to have a chance of stopping him.


The Rise of Sir Longbottom