The Murder Podcast (2022)

Celebration rage right now! The Murder Podcast is a HIT.

Opening with a humorous sequence of events which leads to the death of some poor schmuck who still lives with his mother, The Murder Podcast will have you gasping for air due to all the laughing throughout its running time. No, this dude’s mother didn’t kill him, mind you. But someone or something took his head clean off.

"will have you gasping for air due to all the laughing"


Jake Daniels, avid smoker, drinker and gamer, didn’t have a chance at surviving the incident, especially when we see him screaming MOMMY! right before his head gets swiped off. Soaring with demented Evil Dead-like fun, The Murder Podcast makes all the right moves

This is the territory of The Murder Podcast, a horror comedy flick which makes the hybrid of funny and grisly look all too easy to pull off. It isn’t. And credit goes to the cast and crew of this fun film, which is bound to be a cult favorite in the coming years thanks to its genuine effort at black comedy.

Chad Thadwick, an up-and-coming podcaster (who loves, loves, loves to talk about his Ramen Noodles) sees opportunity in the newsworthy tragedy (POOR JAKE!) which opens the movie and, while the police suspect the drunk gamer tripped on something in his mother’s house so hard his head popped off, Chad sees MURDER and, with it, a brand new topic for his podcast.The Murder Podcast (2022)

Goodbye Rhymin’ Ramen. Hello, true crime investigations. Welcome to The Murder Podcast!!! The place where sponsors are sure to follow. Am I right? Well, Chad certainly hopes so, but the further he digs into the murder, the deeper the supernatural shit goes. Both hilarious and twisted, The Murder Podcast succeeds in being an engaging experience.

This Halloween, podcaster Chad goes to deadly lengths to gain new listeners. Will it result in dead air? From writer/director William Bagley, and starring Andrew McDermott, Cooper Bucha, Brian Emond, Scott Hawkins, Logan Mariner, and Chris Mayers, THE MURDER PODCAST broadcasts October 26 on digital platforms.

4/5 stars


Film Details

The Murder Podcast (2022)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
92 mins
: William Bagley
William Bagley
Cooper Bucha; Levi Burdick; Brian Emond
: Comedy | Horror

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Theatrical Distributor:
Bodacious Films
Official Site:
Release Date:
October 26, 2022
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Synopsis: Desperate to get more podcast listeners, Chad Thadwick decides he needs a new topic. After a murder in his hometown, the answer is clear: a true crime podcast! With the help of his best friend, Chad starts investigating; only to get wrapped up in a terrifying adventure full of supernatural threats!


The Murder Podcast (2022)