The Last Ghost Hunters

There is something wrong with the house that stands at the center of this paranormal thriller.  Neighbors have reported strange noises from within the house for years and several people have gone missing.  All fingers point to the house.  The point being that if you dare cross the threshold of this house then you are welcome to stay!

"a low budget horror gem that is full of enough gore and scares to keep even the crankiest of viewers engaged"

Directed by Dan T. Hall, The Last Ghost Hunters builds its suspense slowly as a team of spiritual researchers are brought in to cleanse an abandoned house and hopefully help the police with the 17 missing people attached to the house.

Welcome to Peru, Indiana!  Full of end of the world preppers, ghosts, and acres and acres of soft red winter wheat fields, Peru is also home to the ancient evil which haunts the halls and rooms of the house which these amateur ghost hunters find themselves trapped in.  They conduct their interviews but none of the information is enough to steer them clear of the building.  Some go crazy in it and some leave it cursed for the rest of their days.

What happens to this team of paranormal researchers is beyond explanation as they soon discover that the activity in the old house is much stronger than they anticipated as they are drawn deeper into the lair of an ancient and demonic evil.  

Starring Moli Hall, Kelly McKinney, Ransom Pugh as the fearless ghost hunters, The Last Ghost Hunters also sees Dennis Crosswhite as Sheriff Truman as flashlights flicker on and off and rooms are explored by an engaging camera.  Something is gathering strength around them and, as the special effects begin to expand, these ghost hunters are in its way!The Last Ghost Hunters

Shot like a mix of a documentary and a feature film and full of the same sort of thrills and chills of a found footage film, The Last Ghost Hunters is a low budget horror gem that is full of enough gore and scares to keep even the crankiest of viewers engaged.  At times pedestrian and at times full of some engaging optical effects, The Last Ghost Hunters is an engaging look at some frightening supernatural elements.

Sure, the film’s low budget could be embraced a bit more with more shaky cam and a bit more rough around the edges touches here and there, but it is competently directed and acted, building its slow burn take on haunting and demonic activity to a level that is certainly appreciated.

Think Halloween is over?  Think again.  It’s time to get your scare back on.  The Last Ghost Hunters is now streaming from Wild Eye Releasing!

3/5 stars



The Last Ghost Hunters