Realm of Shadows (2024)

It’s ladies night. Ghouls and Boils! Time to bring home the skanky bacon!

Full of some frightfully twisted stories, Realm of Shadows tackles the dark side of all our human emotions and presents them with a supernaturally steely-eyed response in seven short tales charmed with disturbing consequences.

"tackles the dark side of all our human emotions"


Co-written and directed by Jimmy Drain, a new Realm of Shadows has been opened which provides horror enthusiasts with a dark anthology of delightfully lo-fi thrills and kills to sink their fanged teeth into. The anthology, co-written with Rob Bieber, might have been made on a micro-sized budget, but it aims for some true horror highs for independent features and, thanks to the atmosphere created, the film checks a lot of columns in its nearly 90-minute running time.

Based on true events and written to shock and awe its audience right into the dark side of the street, Realm of Shadows presents viewers with demonic-themed stories involving luckless dudes and mysterious bartenders who offer help for a price, lone journeyers haunted by what they did and didn’t do, distracted lovers tempted by shortcomings and vices, witchy lessons needed to be heard and heeded, and they are all shrouded by the presence of a mysterious group of watchers.

Everything happens for a reason and that couldn’t be any more clearer than here. While the film’s pacing is a tad uneven and some of the stories could use a few more scenes for intent and clarity, this is a strong effort by the assembled filmmaking crew, who use a streamlined approach to these tales of terror in order to create their unique vision.Realm of Shadows (2024)

Realm of Shadows features strong performances from horror legend Tony Todd (The Candyman) and action cinema legends Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior) Lauren Mayhew (CSI: Miami) Jimmy Drain (Professor Kimmer's Initiation) and Mel Novak (Bruce Lee's Game of Death). The anthology also features music from Adrian Croom/Caustic Scifidelic which echo the atmosphere created by the expressive camerawork from the cinematographers (with each tale having a unique vision) and the solid production design running throughout each narrative.

The anthology is being presented by Safier Entertainment and ThunderKnight Ltd and also co-stars Erika Monet (Overshadow) Harley Wallen (Ash n Bone) CJ Dunning, Brittany Murata and Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down).

Realm of Shadows is streaming on available platforms now!

3/5 stars

Film Details

Realm of Shadows (2024)

MPAA Rating: Unrated
85 mins
: Jimmy Drain
Robert Bieber; Jimmy Drain; Lewis Leslie
Tony Todd; Vernon Wells; Jimmy Drain
: Thriller
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Safier Entertainment and ThunderKnight Ltd
Official Site:
Release Date:
May 11, 2024
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:

Synopsis: Enter a world of mystery, possession and shadows in an anthology of short horror themed tales woven into a full length feature presentation. Even the most shocking stories are based on true events. Starring horror legend Tony Todd.


Realm of Shadows (2024)