Night Caller

Visions of MURDER!  

This is how writer/director Chad Ferrin (The Deep Ones, The Chair) opens his latest horror film.  The unsettling collection of images kickstarts a series of events that has one telephone psychic wishing she’d hung up on her latest caller, a strange-sounding James Smith, the very moment she answered. 

"Thick with gore and violent images, Night Caller takes its task as a throwback to the icky sticky flicks of the 1970s seriously"

But she didn’t.  And now, Hell itself follows her on her walks home.

Night Caller  begins with all the right nuances as the saturation, the color grading, the unsteady images, and even the mix of VHS tapes all add a cult of personality to the very special reading that Mr. Smith is going to ask Clementine Carter (a very good Susan Priver) for.

He wants to kill.  And kill he will.  No matter who it is.

Thick with gore and violent images, Night Caller takes its task as a throwback to the icky sticky flicks of the 1970s seriously.  No matter what she does, Clementine is pulled into a web of mystery that she can’t solve on her own.  When she goes to the police, Detectives Fuller (Robert Rhine, Bus Party to Hell) and Simms (James MacPherson, House of Deadly Secrets) are of no real help.  

She must then go to her bed-ridden father (Robert Miano) for support.  Even if he is just listening to her, it helps.  Hell, even her boss (Bai Ling) is a better problem solver than the cops.  It seems that no one is safe from this killer’s reach, though.  But, together, they must all use their unique insight into this crazed killer’s mind in order to stay one step ahead of him and remain among the living.

To put it bluntly, Night Caller is a nasty slice of Grindhouse goop and grizzle.  This one intentionally sticks in your throat as its flickering moments of violence against women resonates far past its closing.  It’s weird and wild in its rollout as one psycho killer repeatedly stabs his steely knives down deep into the skulls of his victims, until their scalp is all he has for a memento of their meeting.Night Caller

The whole production feels seedy as hell, which works in its favor as one man’s violence takes center stage across the throats of many women.

Night Caller stars Susan Priver (Bad Detectives), Steve Railsback (Lifeforce), Bai Ling (The Crow), Lew Temple (The Devil's Rejects), Christine Nguyen, Silvia Spross, Kelli Maroney (Night of the Comet) and Robert Miano, and Robert “Corpsy” Rhine and is written and directed by Chad Ferrin, with Robert “Corpsy” Rhine producing through his Girls and Corpses Films shingle and Ferrin producing for Crappy World Films.

Following a successful run on the genre festival circuit, 123 Go Films has announced the North American VOD premiere of Chad Ferrin's Night Caller on a number of digital and cable platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, iNDemand and DISH, beginning May 13th.

The Night Caller has work to do!  He’ll be talking to you soon enough.

3/5 stars


Film Details

Night Caller

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
84 mins
: Chad Ferrin
Chad Ferrin
Steve Railsback; Susan Priver; Bai Ling
: Horror | Thriller

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123 Go Films
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Release Date:
May 13, 2022
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Synopsis: Telephone psychic Clementine Carter is pulled into a complex web of mystery when she receives a call from a serial killer. Predicting his murders before he commits them puts her into a terrifying game of cat and mouse. Enlisting the aid of her invalid father and clairvoyant co-worker, they must use their unique abilities to stay one step ahead of a maniac whose unspeakable acts in the present are nothing compared to his past and future.


Night Caller