It Came From Below

Miles Below The Earth. It Was Awakened.  

There is a lot more to people than just what shows on the surface.  It is going to take Jessie and her friends a trip underground to realize this.  It Came From Below, with a solid creature design at its center, is a psychological thriller from award-winning writer/director Dan Allen (Unhinged).  

"It works magic in making us care about the characters, proving itself to topple one genre statue right off the bat"

While the movie takes its time with its scares, there is a bit more going on here than meets the eye.  It is a low budget film, but like most low dollar Brit-Schlock productions from producer Scott Jeffrey, It Came From Below offers enough chewy morsels to be entertaining as our cave explorers go LIGHTS OUT for all the right reasons.

Cave paintings and aliens?  This is only some of the topics up for discussion when Jessie (Megan Purvis) and her friends decide to descend into the depths to find out what happened to her monster-hunting father.  He claims that there are monsters from deadly worlds below the surface of this UK situated cave, but no one ever believed him.  

Now, it is up to Jessie to prove that her father (Stuart Packer) was correct.  But will the discovery be worth it?!

With dark woods and dreary locales knocking about in its environmental scenes, It Came From Below absolutes drips with moist atmosphere and it makes for a rather chilling discovery as Jessie sets out to prove the world wrong and her father right.  What lies below, though, is something absolutely unknown to this world.  All of this paints a solid picture as the chills begin to situate and the creep factor angles upward.  What Ibelow the earth?!

And is this team of spelunkers ready to survive what ensues in the wake of discover?It Came From Below

Much like The Descent before it, It Came From Below relies on the dark to get its scares in.  This can be frustrating at times, but the horror entry remains a rapid moving thriller.  It works magic in making us care about the characters, proving itself to topple one genre statue right off the bat.  These teenagers are not merely fodder to feed the creature that does indeed lurk about in the darkness.  There is a story here; a heart which beats for identity and that proves to be a strong reason to go into this creature feature.

But is it enough to keep our interest piqued, especially when we are literally blind as a bat in the dark.  Sometimes, it is confusing.  Other times, it has the right tone.  The film co-stars Tom Taplin, Jake Watkins, and Georgie Banks and all turn in fine performances, but it is the staggering work of monster designer David Foxley (The Curse of Humpty Dumpty; Amityville Cornfield; Don’t Speak; Cupid; Sniper Corpse; Silverhide) which really sells the movie here.  Performed by Luke Robinson, there is a nice movement to the alien when visible and some of the attacks will actually startle you.  All of which makes this genre offering, a good entry in to underground horror.

While the movie suffers a bit when we reach the cave (as it becomes SUPER DARK), the film pulls off its location and its mood with a good drama.  It Came From Below releases on Digital September 7 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

3/5 stars

Film Details

It Came From Below

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
81 mins
: Dan Allen
Dan Allen; Sam Ashurst
Megan Purvis; Becca Hirani; Tara MacGowran
: Horror | Adventure
Miles Below the Earth it Was Awakened.
Memorable Movie Quote: "There's a lot more to people than what they believe in."
Uncork'd Entertainment
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Release Date:
September 7, 2021
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Synopsis: Jessie and her friends go deep underground to find out what happened to her father who claimed a monster lurks in the caves and has killed his friends. Wanting to uncover the truth, they will soon be hunted by a deadly creature from another world.


It Came From Below