Because you can’t be too careful now can you?

Isolated (originally titles O9en Up) is NOT a film for the claustrophobic in you.  You will be clawing at the walls, begging to be released from its tight grip.  It is, surprisingly enough, a film for the science fiction nerd in you, though, AND that side will be rewarded mightily.  

"Full of solid suspense and a great mystery at its center, this film earns solid marks"

Isolated, a self-contained mystery/action thriller which is being advertised as a narrative in the vein of Red Eye and Devil, is what happens when a mysterious woman, who has no idea of who she is, wakes up inside a room with no window; no cell service; no clue as to who she is, and only a stranger in the next room to communicate with.  

Fun times ahead!  Right.  Isolated is HER story and HER struggle to get clear of the room.  But WHO is she?!

This mystery needs to be solved and it is only through her perseverance and determination to escape in which the truth is revealed.  Keeping its mystery held tightly to its chest, Isolated doesn’t attempt to trick its audience with twist endings, everything is natural and feels neatly tied together thanks to a steadfast vision of its play on humanity. 

Oh, and there is a ticking digital clock on the wall.  On the other side is a huge number 9 which stares back at her, daring her to find a way out.  If it sounds menacing, trust me, Isolated is exactly that and it is all by design, teasing the claustrophobia you deny you feel.  You, too, will be counting down the minutes as she tries to figure out a way to escape this prison.Isolated

But who is she?  That in itself is the real mystery as model/actress KateLynn E.Newberry (Widow’s Point, Devil's Junction: Handy Dandy's Revenge) brings her best to the role of the woman at the center of director Tyler Lee Allen’s intriguing movie.  She’s motivated to escape and, when the lights glow green, she finds herself staring back at her own reflection.

What is she wearing?  And what is it with the number 9 which is also on her shirt?  Its significance is part of what she is about to discover, learning more about who or WHAT she is thanks to the jogging of her memory in which she is facing a warm, warm beach . . . 

. . . but is any of it real, especially when you are being held “in the barrel”?  Full of solid suspense and a great mystery at its center, this film earns solid marks thanks to its overall cleverness in design.

While this is mostly a one woman show, Isolated also stars Lanny Joon and David SolomonUncork’d Entertainment will release ISOLATED on DVD and Digital June 14.

3/5 stars

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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
99 mins
: Tyler Lee Allen
Michael Ferree
Lanny Joon; KateLynn E. Newberry; David Solomon Abrams
: Thriller
Everyone Has a Breaking Point.
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Uncork'd Entertainment
Official Site:
Release Date:
DVD and Digital June 14, 2022.
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Synopsis: The self-contained mystery/action thriller tells of a woman that wakes up trapped inside of a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there. As she fights to find a way to escape, she ends up talking to a man in a room next to hers, that claims he, too, is trapped. As she questions whether or not to trust this man, she starts to remember things from her past that lead her to question not only where she might be, but also what she might be.