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Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption

Sometimes the absolute best films come from surprising places.  This seems to be the case with Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption, a heartfelt film that proves that it is never too late to come of age in these uncertain times.

"a heartfelt film that proves that it is never too late to come of age in these uncertain times"


Opening as if it were a stereotypical horror film - complete with tall shadows, heavy fog, and the ghosts of fallen soldiers - Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption, in a matter of minutes, pulls a major tonal shift as one Bosnian war veteran attempts to bring closure for families, friends and himself in this truly remarkable and heartwarming tale of healing along the road of life.

Written, directed and starring John Reign (as John Kayhil), this independently-made cross-country journey via a motorcycle and its sidecar begins with a nightmare brought on by the effects of PTSD as Kayhil struggles with the loss of his war comrades.  They are none too pleased and certainly have no problems in sharing their resentment for those who remain standing.  It’s a haunting scene that leaves us a little unprepared for the shift to come as he is awoken by his mentally disabled brother, Rodney Kayhil (Tom Stoops), from the explosive dream.

The brief scene, as John comes to, is both comical and touching as his brother - wearing horror pajama bottoms and a zombie shirt - attempts to make sure he doesn’t go back to sleep, while balancing a pretty full bowl of cereal.  Already, the chemistry - and the dedication to the characters in this film - is on display and it works through to the very end of the movie as Kayhil, Rodney, and his wife, Skye (Dawna Lee Heising) hit the road to visit different families of his veteran brothers and - as is the way with Road Trip movies - experience life itself; all shades of its many, many colors.  Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption

And this trip is all working toward an emotional denouement involving Kayhil’s own daughter (Ashely Gallo), whom he hasn’t seen since she was a baby.  Fill in the blanks as to the reason why.  Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption is quite the emotional journey to forgiveness and - with help from Aki Aleong as Skye’s father - the wisdom that comes with age.

While this independent flick suffers in quality from some of the extras - who may or may not be friends and acquaintances of Reigns’ and that’s the sole reason they are in the movie - know that the exceptional heart of the film has a solid beat that keeps us engaged . . . especially when Kayhil is diagnosed with advanced cancer and has about 6 - 12 months with which to live and he absolutely makes the best of it.

That’s why the cross-country trip - via the motorcycle that was left to John by a close war buddy who dies of a heart attack - is so damn important and central to the narrative.  And so begins an unforgettable trip which highlights the ups and downs of life, including leeches, mosquitoes, getting tossed out of boats, roadside bars, and a colorful cast of characters that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Pole Star Studios LLC is proud to present Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption, a sequel to the original film, on VOD through all streaming platforms.  Just don’t order the “Holy Shit! My Ass Is Shooting Fire!” platter!

4/5 stars


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Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption


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Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: John Reign
John Reign
John Reign, Thomas Stoops, Dawna Lee Heising
: Action | Adventure

Memorable Movie Quote: "I got inspired by that bike"
Pole Star Studios
Official Site: https://www.polestarprod.com/product-page/finding-purpose-the-road-to-redemption-1
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Synopsis: "Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption" is the story of John Kayhill, a U.S. Army veteran of the Bosnian War, who is trying to overcome the effects of the PTSD he suffered. His wife Skye, his mentally disabled brother Rod and he journey on an old sidecar motorcycle that was given to John by a close war buddy, who had recently passed away from a heart attack. John decides to travel to the family of one of his fallen veteran brothers in an attempt to bring closure for them, but also for him. The film follows the trio through an inspirational journey of trials and triumphs, which enables John to find his road to redemption.


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Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption