Digging to Death

There’s a body in a box in my backyard.  What’s in your backyard?  

From Honeycomb Films and Uncork’d Entertainment, come explore a closet within a closet!  Sound inviting?  It shouldn’t because Digging to Death focuses on a fixer-upper that has its fair share of dark and disturbing secrets . . . one which includes a dead body.  Holy sheet, man!

"is a keeper when it comes to the horror comedy genre. You won't be disappointed by its MACABRE"

Thankfully, this dark comedy is completely OFF THE HOOK with brazen and fresh comedy as situations involving a recently divorced man, a creaky house, and the unexpected discovery of a whole lot of money start creating all sorts of trouble.

Starring a captivatingly fun performance from Ford Austin as David Van Owen, the man at the center of this black comedy, Digging to Death begins when he, against all advice given from friends and professionals, decides to put in his own septic.  Yeah, that’s when it all goes to shit because the minute he starts digging, well, he strikes GOLD!  

But the discovery of over three million dollars in cold, hard cash comes with a whole heap of strings attached and it starts with a DEAD BODY!  To report it or not?  That’s the question David faces and, when staring in the mirror and announcing that he’s keeping the money, that’s when the BUMPS and BANGS in the house begin.

Something is up with the money.  Digging to Death

Directed by Michael Blevins, Digging to Death is both hilarious and disturbing as David’s decision to keep the money and rebury the dead man leads to a whole new set of situations which uncover the reasons for the dead guy in the box buried in his yard.  Smartly edited - with one key sequence showing David cracking open an egg, holding a steering wheel, and then a phone (all in the same pose) - Digging to Death is a keeper when it comes to the horror comedy genre. You won't be disappointed by its MACABRE.

The film co-stars Tom Fitzpatrick, Rachel Alig, Ken Hudson Campbell, and Richard Riehle, but it is Austin’s performance which makes this film unique.  You won’t be able to take your eyes off of him as David’s stressed out antics continue to amp up due to the heightened situations surrounding him and the dead guy.  Suddenly, he’s seeing things as the paranoia of keeping three million zingers in his house thanks to an unidentified dead body in his yard grows and grows, especially when he journeys into the CELLAR.

This secret won’t STAY BURIED!

Time to get your hands dirty!  Featuring Clint Jung, Sumeet Dang, Bryan Dodds, Debbie DeLisi, and Stephan Singh, Digging to Death premieres on DVD and Digital June 1 from Uncork'd Entertainment.

4/5 stars


Digging to Death