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It was only a matter of time before Thanksgiving got ruined, too, by the Horrid Hounds of Horror who put films together.  This time, though, it isn’t by a random knifing.  Nor is it from some shady stalkery from a Babysitter Killer who roams the neighborhood in a Kirk mask. No, this chiller killer comes from the nuclear family tearing itself apart because in Derelicts, it’s the sound of two old farts endlessly going at it in bed.


"Knotting us up inside, Derelicts is both hilarious and deeply unsettling"


And there’s no turning back either as one Thanksgiving dinner is going to go down in low budget horror as an AWESOME combination of horror and comedy as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 breaks bread with the horror highs of The Strangers.

Derelicts, focusing on a Thanksgiving dinner that goes from bad to worse with each passing second, knows exactly how to pull the rug from beneath our feet as one dysfunctional family - with no respect for each other - meets a fully functioning and completely insane family one holiday evening.

And it begins with a domestic situation that is quickly and not-so quietly subverted by the sound of geriatric lovemaking. That’s only the beginning of this horror treat from co-writer and director Brett Glassberg, who brings audiences a new breed of family maniacs, courtesy of Cap (Les Best), who is in charge of his old war buddy Black Forrest (Sam Pleasant), Sal (Clay Shirley), Bo (Kara Mellyn), and Turk (Andre Evrenos).Derelicts

Derelicts pushes all the right buttons to make this hilariously disturbing movie a modern cult classic. The film is rich with striking visuals and characters as practical effects take over the bloodbath and guide viewers through a very tense and funny situation.

Knotting us up inside, Derelicts is both hilarious and deeply unsettling as the members of the house - Gregg (David Lee Hess), Constance (Kelly Dealyn), Leslie (Dalton Allen), and Barbara (Emily Ammon) - are all slowly awakened by orgasmic screams of glee of Grandpa Paul (Pat Turner) and his new girlfriend Bev (Lana Dieterich). This is a family at war with itself and - thanks to zero jobs, zero respect, and a cocaine addiction - they are going to be lucky if they even get through the dinner that Gregg is preparing for them.

It is when they FINALLY sit down to the table when their unexpected guests arrive and all hell breaks loose!

Nasty as hell and rotten to the core, Derelicts is an incredibly earnest experience of low budget horror and, as it feels a lot like Last House on the Left, this one is destined to be remembered by smaller audiences before developing a strong word of mouth. I mean, it is not like we have a lot of thriller-inspired Thanksgiving carvings to go around in American cinematic history now is it?

Co-written by Andre Evrenos and Clay Shirley, this portrait of two families leaves it up to you to decide which one is better at supporting each other and celebrating the holidays with the appropriate thankful heart. Derelicts will premiere on the Kings of Horror channel for a 6-week exclusive window before hitting multiple digital platforms beginning Christmas Day.

It’s Thanksgiving soon. Be thankful or else!

Derelicts is now streaming.

4/5 stars


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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
70 mins
: Brett Glassberg
Andre Evrenos, Brett Glassberg
Steve Uzzell, Dalton Allen, Emily Ammon
: Horror
What are you thankful for.
Memorable Movie Quote: "if I had a mental breakdown, I'd get away with everything too."
Theatrical Distributor:
Kings of Horror
Official Site: https://www.facebook.com/derelictsfilm
Release Date:
October 13, 2017
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:

Synopsis: DERELICTS’ introduces us to a dysfunctional family on Thanksgiving Day. From the over-sexed grandparents, to the squabbling siblings and an emotionless husband who seems uninterested in touching his wife - all appears normal for this particular household. That is until a gang of vicious vagrants invades their home, not only to cause havoc, pain and even death but also laying bare everyone's faults and inhumanity while exposing some deeper family secrets along the way.


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