Death To Metal

The loud guitars.  The emphatic drumming.  The dense bass lines.  And the growling vocals.  Christmas music can be so aggressive.  I kid!  Just like the antics of this AWESOME, HEADBANGING horror comedy as one disturbed and MUTATED priest goes on a mission to take out all the godless fans of heavy metal music.

"jingles just the right bells on its highway to Hell"

It’s metal, baby, and turn that GORE knob up to a solid 11 because writer-director Tim Connery’s rockin’ new horror film, Death To Metal, is coming straight at you just in time to ROCK THE BELLS for the holiday season!

This is why you never bully a poor, innocent child while drinking and rocking out to some HEAVY METAL.  Your actions will come back to haunt you twofold in this horror comedy that, if I am being honest, jingles just the right bells on its highway to Hell.  This campy slasher film swings for the fences with its Flying V guitar and shreds away at all who dare cross its path with its extremely low budget.

Metalsploitation mania.  This is what happens when a lunatic priest, Father Killborn, disfigured by a freak accident, takes up a gigantic cross and uses it as a weapon to beat out all the evil influences of heavy metal music.  Any fans of EC Comics out there?  Because, yeah, Death To Metal has that influence, too, thanks to an animated backstory which is righteous as hell.  

This campy slasher wears its metal and horror influences well and fans of Deathgasm are going to dig its demented take on fire and brimstone punishments because Killborn takes his own particular brand of brutality to a music festival where not even the roadies are safe!Death To Metal

This is just the kind of body count that we love!  Thanks to the meathead madness of this fantastic, laugh out loud comedy, you will dig it, too.  Bang your head to the metal health of this mental flick!  

Death To Metal, filmed in Iowa, arrives just in time to shake off the humdrum cold and cough of the flu and festive season thanks to a hysterical screenplay from Connery (Black Web, Statler’s Tapes, Quarter ’til Two) and co-writer with Kevin Koppes.  Filled with local talent and some old school Troma-like antics, Death To Metal celebrates a colorful cast of memorable characters that have one thing in common: the fury of the killing machine that is Father Killborn!

Starring Dan Flannery, Alex Stein, Grace Melon, Andrew Jessop, Chelsea Byers, Ben Johnson, Neal Kapp, Charlie Lind, Cherokee Mello, Jayme Shmitt, Sean Weis, and Dean Wellman, Wild Eye Releasing will release the film on December 7th on digital platforms.

F@#% You, Father Killborn!

5/5 stars


Film Details

Death To Metal

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
80 mins
: Tim Connery
Tim Connery; Kevin Koppes
Chelsea Byers; Dan Flannery; Andrew Jessop
: Comedy | Horror
He has Died. He has Risen. He will Kill.
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Wild Eye Releasing
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Release Date:
December 7, 2021
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Synopsis: After a freak accident, a disturbed priest is transformed into a mutated killing machine on a mission to wipe out the godless fans of heavy metal music.


Death To Metal