“You can’t protect me, Father.”

The staging of the actors.  The apology which kicks off the events.  The mournful score.  All of these elements work together to form a statement of pure poetry as Confession springs to life to illuminate the fateful events of just one night.  This is a film which exists in real time and works its ass off to make you feel every ounce of pain inflicted.

"Every damn skeleton is coming out of the closet tonight and a showdown will be held in the church."

Couple these film accents with the sharp blues, the unsteady glance of a candle burning itself out, and the deep reds as Stephen Moyer (“True Blood”, “Fortunate Son”) and Colm Meany (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), polar opposites as written, come face to face as a wounded man (Moyer) takes a hostage (Meany), determined to confess before it is all too late.

Perfectly acted and engaging to the bitter end, Confession - solidly written and directed by David Beton (One Last Heist) - is an action-thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat in no time.  Because there are secrets - bloody and raw - emerging from the priest’s office and when they announce themselves, all Hell will be unleashed on one man’s most precious assets: his children.Confession

Also starring Clare-Hope Ashitey (Children of Men), this suspenseful ride through a dark night of redemption offers viewers very little chance for deep breaths of fresh air.  It’s main subject weighs heavily throughout the events as a church becomes a battlefield as strangers, full of flesh and blood, seek understanding in the face of their own transgressions.  

Every damn skeleton is coming out of the closet tonight and a showdown will be held in the church.

And no answer has a clearer tone than that of a gun’s bullet being fired.  Oh, yes, there will be blood as sinners find themselves facing their deepest and darkest fears . . . and justice is the goal.  Full of inspiring performances, Confession is a thriller that blows the lid off of its competitors when it comes to low budget thrillers.  Sure, sure, there might be a lot of explaining as one man unloads his secrets upon another, but the revenge carried out will leave you . . . gasping as commonalities are revealed and choices are made.

Confession will be released by Uncork’d Entertainment in theaters January 21, 2022 followed by a VOD release on January 25th.  Get your affairs in order before it all fades to black.

4/5 stars


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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: David Beton
David Beton
Stephen Moyer; Colm Meaney; Clare-Hope Ashitey
: Thriller
One Church. One Priest. One Night.
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Uncork'd Entertainment
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Release Date:
January 21, 2022
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Synopsis: An intense-thriller played in real time during one fateful night, CONFESSION fixes on a wounded man (Moyer) who takes a priest (Meany) hostage, determined to confess to a past misdemeanor before it’s too late.