Bridge of the Doomed

Let the screaming begin!

Just as we (hopefully) recover from one virus, another one is upon us. This is the world of Bridge of the Doomed, a horror film with plenty of action and kills thanks to a virus which, unbelievably, brings the dead back to life . . . except they aren’t quite right in the head, lusting for their lunch upon the flesh of the living.

With quick edits, a camera that is never still for long (thanks to the frenetic style of director Michael Su), and buckets of blood, Bridge of the Doomed takes audiences on a gruesome zombie spectacle as an infectious virus turns the common man into flesh-ripping monsters!

"showcases the guts, the intestines, and the brain matter missing from the horror market"

Can the infected be contained? This is the hope of the military, who come up with interesting ways to fight off the infection once contaminated. While they might be ordered to guard a bridge, their biggest concern ought to be the creature living below it! Written by Adrian Milness, there are a lot of surprises in store for Creature Feature fans!

Bored to tears by the banality of generic horror flicks these days? Bridge of the Doomed, led by commanding performances from Kate Watson, Robert LaSaldo, and Michael Pare, arrives just in the nick of time. This feature film, from Mahal Empire Productions, showcases the guts, the intestines, and the brain matter missing from the horror market as hordes of the infected take over military camps and the dwindling population is left to fend for itself!Bridge of the Doomed

No civilian, no matter how heavily armed, is safe from the infected. Su, who shot and directed here, keeps his camera as engaged as the characters in the movie. I especially like how some of the shots from the survivors point of view are handled, shooting them from a low angle as they cower through what remains of civilization. Even in broad daylight, Bridge of the Doomed brings the fear out of the shadows, giving audiences a strong look at what this reimagining of a zombie apocalypse could look like.

With heavy fog, some exciting locations, and lots of gore, Bridge of the Doomed definitely brings the noise!

The gore and make-up effects on the infected are all masterfully done, thanks to Vincent Guastini Productions, and the mysterious creature at the center of the film is definitely a memorable addition to the mayhem. That’s right, this is not your typical zombie offering! There is much more to enjoy in this rapid-paced flick.

The apocalypse arrives November 4th on VOD/Bluray/DVD, 2022 through Gravitas Ventures.

4/5 stars

 Film Details

Bridge of the Doomed

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Michael Su
Adrian Milnes
Michael Paré; Robert LaSardo; Sarah French
: Horror
A Film by Michael Su.
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Gravitas Ventures
Official Site:
Release Date:
November 4, 2022 VOD/Bluray/DVD
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
November 4, 2022.
Synopsis: A group of soldiers are ordered to hold a bridge during a zombie outbreak, but what lives underneath the bridge, proves to be even more deadly.


Bridge of the Doomed