Black Holler

Ensemble offerings don’t get much goofier than with the blood-curdling highs and lows echoing out from deep within the thick woods of Black Holler!

Summer camp is canceled! But not the camp used in this fun-filled throwback to just about everything we love about slashers from the 1980s.  Spirited and full of just about every slasher stereotype you can think of, Black Holler is a horror-comedy hybrid that will leave you clutching your sides as this low budget flick absolutely works.

"Ensemble offerings don’t get much goofier than with the blood-curdling highs and lows echoing out from deep within the thick woods of Black Holler!"

Director Jason Berg knows his movie works best when it absolutely embraces its zaniness.  This is, after all, Z-grade campy horror and Berg lets audiences in on the joke from the beginning with some pretty bad performances, wacky characters, low production values, and cheese humor.  If you are still with Black Holler after the first 10-minutes, then you are good to finish with thumbs up and cheese-eating grins.

Written by Heidi Ervin, Rachel Ward Heggen, and Berg, Black Holler is set in 1989.  It is street-smart LaQuita Johnson's (Tamiko Robinson Steele) first day at her new school and it is already full of some pretty dumb white people. In fact, it is an ocean of white and none of it is very bright at all.  Black Holler

LaQuita is quickly sent on a camping trip to the spooky woods of Black Holler. Her classmates are clueless. Her chaperone (Jesse Perry) is ridiculous, and the bodies are quickly piling up. If she is going to survive, then she is definitely going to have to fight back!  But who is the killer and just what the hell is going on in these stupid woods?!

Co-starring Jesse Perry, Nicholas Hadden, Sarah VanArsdal, Rachel Ward Heggen, Brian Russell, Katie Gant, Bruce Ervin, Betty Williams, Heidi Ervin, Lee McCue and Brad Edwards, Black Holler is an over-the-top comedy that is probably only going to be enjoyed by select audiences . . . and they might already be drunk or stoned.  

This is a movie where even the continuity is in on the joke.  Find out who survives in this campy throwback to 1980s slasher flicks, just go in fully prepared and warned.  

Ready to have some BIG dumb fun?  Black Holler and all its groan-inducing hysterics arrives on November 16th from Wild Eye Releasing!

3/5 stars


Film Details

Black Holler

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
89 mins
: Jason Berg
Heidi Ervin; Jason Berg; Rachel Ward Heggen
Paul Michaels; J.R. Robles; Vivi Vendetta
: Comedy | Horror
Grody to the MAX!
Memorable Movie Quote: "Something feels just ... off."
Wild Eye Releasing
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Release Date:
November 16, 2021
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Synopsis: In 1989, Laquita Johnson (Tamiko Robinson Steele) is forced to go on a doomed field trip with a bunch of ridiculous white students. They all make it to camp, but very few make it out of BLACK HOLLER!


Black Holler