Ankle Biters

Mommy’s little devils indeed!

From Dark Star Pictures and director, Bennet De Brabandere comes a fun horror comedy for anyone who has ever been scared by the mere presence of children in a relationship.  Ankle Biters brings the demented fun!  The kids at the center of this horror comedy; however, like to chant “KILL IT! KILL IT! KILL IT!” over and over again and, considering what they manage to pull off, is merely a hint of the chaos to come.

"a fun and completely TWISTED cinematic treat for the upcoming holidays"


This is what happens when Sean, a pro hockey player, finds himself hooking up with Laura (Marianthi Evans), a widowed mother of four young daughters.  Her girls - Rosalee, Lily, Violet, and Dahlia Haywood (they are the Reid Sisters) - don’t really want anything to do with the new guy in their mother’s life.  They are nervous about him in their life, so when he invites everyone to the lake for some family fun, they take it as a chance to spy on him.

When a friend pulls him over for speeding, things - at least in their minds - don’t go so well.  You see, Sean is simply a speed bump on the way to getting what they really want: an idealized life alone with their mommy.  

So, when they start snooping and discover sex toys tucked away in Laura’s room, their imaginations go wild.  Is Sean trying to kill their mother?  All bets are off when the confirmation arrives when the happy couple is caught in the act of rough lovemaking as they watch a pre-recorded video on Laura’s phone.  Uh-oh!  They know about sex, but this kinky stuff scares them to death!Ankle Biters

They must protect their mother!  What follows is an often hilarious dark comedy in which the girls take matters into their own hands and try to get Sean out of their mother’s life for good.  These Ankle Biters are a sheer nuisance for the former hockey player, and while they might appear innocent enough, we know their real motivations . . . which is both funny and frightening.

Co-starring Matia Jackett, Evert Houston, Jani Lauzon, Michael Copeman, and Whose Line Is It Anyway’s Colin Mochrie as an often hilarious detective who finds himself trying to figure out just what is going on, Ankle Biters is a fun and completely TWISTED cinematic treat for the upcoming holidays.

Ankle Biters is now streaming thanks to Dark Star Pictures.

3/5 stars


Film Details

Ankle Biters

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
91 mins
: Bennet De Brabandere
Bennet De Brabandere
Colin Mochrie; Peter Schoelier; Heidi von Palleske
: Comedy
Love is not what it looks like.
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Dark Star Pictures
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Release Date:
November 16, 2021
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
November 16, 2021 (DVD)
Synopsis: Sean, a pro hockey enforcer, has fallen in love with Laura, a widowed mother of four young daughters. When Laura's children mistake an act of lovemaking as an attack, they plot to protect their mother at all costs and with horrific results.


Ankle Biters