A Stalker in the House

This is a conversation!  No, this is a break-up . . . via pillow suffocation!

Opening with a couple of dramatic break-ups and following those up with a movie where nothing is what it seems in the dating game, A Stalker in the House delivers much more than a home invasion horror flick as it follows the bizarre journey of the absolutely and totally obsessed Mike (Jack Pearson), whose charisma and good looks makes him a perfect catch for women, into a dating game where he plays for keeps.  

"unsettling and moody"

Mike says he’s normal.  He says he’s a good guy.  But Mike is a liar.  Forget about the damsels in distress in this flick, A Stalker in the House is Mike's show and Pearson is here for it!  His performance is crazy and pretty spot on when it comes to just how these fellas operate, gaslighting his way into one pair of panties after another.  Yet, his focus here is Jen.

The truth is that he’s damaged goods and his gaslighting should be a warning to all women who come into close contact with him.  We see who he truly is early on, but the women he hovers around don’t.  We can scream at them all we want, but none of that stops the barrage of flowers he has delivered to Jen (Veronika Issa), nor does it stop the constant texts which come in at all hours of the night. A Stalker in the House 

He even leaves things behind so he has a way into Jen’s house after being thrown out.  But it doesn’t stop there.  For Mike, Jen is a target and he will do anything he can to destroy all those she allows into her home and her bed.  He won’t stop either, so it is one bad situation after another as Jen attempts to move on from Mike and finds all the strings that he’s left behind wind up pulling him back into her life time and time again.

Starring Nick Ryan, Jared Cohn, Michael DeVorzon and featuring a wild performance from Rob Zombie's Halloween Scout Taylor Compton, A Stalker in the House proves to be unsettling and moody.  It operates a little too soft core in some aspects and, as it merely teases when it comes to nudity, it still manages to be disturbing as Jen’s life becomes one BIG mess for Mike to continue to screw with.

Uncork’d Entertainment has set Writer/Director Jared Cohn's A Stalker in the House for a digital and DVD release this November.

3/5 stars


Film Details

A Stalker in the House

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Jared Cohn
Jared Cohn
Michael DeVorzon;Veronika Issa; Jack Pearson
: Thriller
She was Nice to the Wrong Guy.
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Uncork’d Entertainment
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Release Date:
November 9, 2021
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Synopsis: Featuring Halloween's Scout Taylor Compton, film tells of a young woman who, upon matching with him on an online dating service, is stalked by an admirer.


A Stalker in the House