First Trailer for Ferrelly's THE THREE STOOGES Hits Web

The Three Stooges - Movie TrailerHear that? It's the sound of all the momentum abruptly exiting - via the sphincter - the new Three Stooges movie project. Not that we had any real hope of the Farrelly Brothers doing the stooges justice, but from our first glance at the newly released The Three Stooges trailer, this thing looks bad. Really bad.

The Farrellys, who've only managed a grand total of two funny comedies in their long but non-illustrious careers, have been working for over ten years to see their adaptation of the classic film short series that featured numskulls Moe, Larry, and Curly come to fruition. And those ten years have apparently come down to this? Though we really hate making judgments on a film from its trailer alone, after watching this one, it seems they've completely misfired, getting it all wrong.

The problem doesn't appear to be with Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, and Chris Diamantopoulos who portray Larry, Curly , and Moe respectively. They seem to have all the movements, mannerisms and eye-pokes down pat. It just doesn't look like anyone was inspired enough to create something with a unique or original twist.

Sure, it appears to capture most of the juvenile spirit of the originals, but it also seems a bit too obsessed with connecting to potential audiences with an over-abundance of pop culture references. Also, the original Three Stooges shorts were just that, shorts. Not sure how we're going to be able to put up with an hour and half of the same old eye-pokes, nyuk-nyuks, and ball-peens to the noggin. And Snooky? Really?

Anyway, you can watch the trailer for The Three Stooges below or head over to to watch it in hi-def. The screenplay is by Mike Cerrone and Peter & Bobby Farrelly and will hit theaters on April 13th of next year.

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