Three Stooges TrailerWe got our first look at what has been consuming the Farrelly Brothers for the last ten years when the first trailer for The Three Stooges hit the web back in December. While it's no secret the stooges brand of humor has never flirted with the high-brow variety, it was difficult to imagine it getting any lower. But it has.

Yet another trailer has been released for The Three Stooges, this one for the international market, but we're sorry to report that it's no more funny than its predecessor. This version goes a bit more into the plot that involves Moe, Larry, and Curly's efforts to raise money with hopes of saving the orphanage where they were raised. As they set out on the journey, cue the "hijinks."

We're still not sure how they'll manage to translate what were originally film shorts with quick bursts of slapstick shenanigans into a feature-length film, but this thing is moving along regardless.

You can watch the international trailer for The Three Stooges below but be forewarned not only about the video's poor quality, but also its extreme UNfunniness.


The film is written by Mike Cerrone and Peter & Bobby Farrelly and is scheduled for wide theatrical release on April 13th of this year.