The Thing - Movie TrailerWe've gone on and on for years here about the big collective give-up that's plagued Hollywood for years in which the industry is all too eager to settle for the quick, easy buck to be made on sequels, prequels, remakes and reboots. They're just cheaper to make, We get that. But while we realize we're mostly preaching to the choir when we say this (then again, a lot of people keep going to see them), we'll reissue our opinion that Hollywood shouldn't remake good movies. There are enough really bad films out there that had decent premises but just weren't handled properly. Remake those. Leave the good ones alone.

We know they're not listening however as we now get our first look at the remake - or more accurately, prequel - to John Carpenter's 1982 cult-classic The Thing which starred Kurt Russell as a scientist in the Antarctic confronted by a shape-shifting alien life form that terrorizes the camp. In the prequel we find out how the team of scientists first discovered the deadly beast, what happened to the camp's inhabitants, and what led up to the events depicted in John Carpenter's film. Shouldn't have thawed that thing out!

The Thing is directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. and stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Eric Christian Olsen, and Joel Edgerton. It is slated for man Ocrober 14th release.

You can watch the trailer below or head over to MSN: