Cupid - Movie TrailerCupid - New Movie Trailer

“I've been hearing that you are your little friends have been continually bullying Fay".

Synopsis: After being horrendously embarrassed by the mean girls at school, Faye, a practicing witch, summons the evil Cupid to take revenge on all those who wronged her. On Valentine’s Day Cupid does in fact rise and will stop at nothing until the walls are covered in blood. The students must figure out a way to stop Cupid and undo the spell before their hearts get broken…very literally.

Release Date: DVD and Digital February 11, 2020

Director: Scott Jeffrey

Writer: Scott Jeffrey

Cast: Georgina Jane, Bao Tieu, Michael Owusu, Abi Casson Thompson

Cupid - Movie Trailer

 This valentine’s day, Cupid is shooting straight for the…heart.

Writer/director Scott Jeffrey presents the horrifying true story of Venus and Mars’s offspring. Everyone knows the legend of Cupid ... But do they know his dark side?

The film, which stars Georgina Jane, Bao Tieu, Michael Owusu,  Abi Casson Thompson and Sarah T. Cohen will be released on DVD and Digital February 11 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

This February, the sky opens for an almighty battle between good and evil.

Here's a look at the frightening full trailer for Cupid:


And here's the one-sheet movie poster for Cupid:


Cupid has not been rated by the MPAA.

Cupid is coming on DVD and digital on February 1611... from October Coast.