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Don't Run

Single moms. Shy sons. Cute neighbors. And a monster that will eat you if you aren’t in bed by sundown each and every night.  No matter where we go, it seems what scares us will follow.  Don’t Run is a nightmarish independent horror film that will challenge your perceptions and scare the pants right off of you as one 15-year-old must answer truthfully a question that most of us would like to avoid.

"a FANTASTIC addition to the horror/fantasy genre as Pete (Danny Irizarry) discovers that monsters have terrifying associates and you should probably do what they demand"

Don’t Run, written, directed, produced, edited and financed by Cincinnati-native Ben Rood (who had all of $1 to his name when he started shooting), is a FANTASTIC addition to the horror/fantasy genre as Pete (Danny Irizarry) discovers that monsters have terrifying associates and you should probably do what they demand.

Pete has had a tough time lately.  He is NOT "ok".  After moving with his mother, he doesn’t want to be the new kid.  He doesn’t want to go to a new school, interact with his new teachers, and he definitely does NOT want to meet the girl next door that his mother is pushing onto him.  He wants to be left alone and he has no problem telling you that to your face either.  

His mom is afraid he is just missing out on living.  She’s concerned about his well-being, so when the doctor prescribes the wrong medicine, she feels it her duty to make sure he gets the right one and rushes back to get the correct medicine.

And that’s when the “sorry for your loss” calls start flooding in.  An accident has taken his mother away from the poor kid.  Things don't get better. {googleads}

With his Aunt now as his custodian, the mysterious Chester appears.  Chester, whose entire body is wrapped in bandages, tells him that even his aunt is gone and that he must obey his demonic associate, who lives in Pete’s closet.  If it sounds bizarre, it is made believable by the situation and the performances.  Pete and his dog Pedro are trapped in the house and the damn monsters in it.

Be in bed by sundown.  Or run.  Those are his two choices.  What would you do?!  It’s time for Pete to start making choices.

With panic setting in and voices calling him to come downstairs and see his mother again, the nights close in on him with a pressure that few can imagine.  Thankfully, Irizarry’s performance as the terrified Pete carries the film.  He is believable and engaged as nightmares become realities and his prison a target for all sorts of drama.Don't Run

Unable to leave the house, Pete has to reach out to others via help through the internet.  What he learns - as there are others with this same situation - only further terrifies him.  The doorbell won’t stop ringing.  His neighbors - including the cute girl next door - are worried about him and his house seems to be a target for vandalism.  Pete can’t win.

Co-starring Charlotte Arnold, Holly Arnold, Grant Brooks, Dan Foley, and Cody Cheatwood, Don’t Run had me hooked 25-minutes into this insane situation as his Aunt reappears only to growl at him to go to bed.  He can’t leave the house in the daylight and, at night, all sorts of voices call out to him, tempting him and his dog to get out of the bed.

If you’re not in bed on time tonight, kids, the monster will get you!  From director Ben Rood comes Don’t Run, a horror-fantasy born from the fear files of children everywhere.  Thanks to October Coast, Don't Run is now available on Amazon Prime.

4/5 stars


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Don't Run


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Don't Run

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
85 mins
: Ben Rood
Ben Rood
Charlotte Arnold, Holly Arnold, Grant Brooks
: Horror
Peter Was Afraid to Leave His House... Until Fear Hit home.
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October Coast
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Now available.
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Synopsis: A timid boy is trapped in his house with a monster that will eat him if he isn't in bed every night by sundown.



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Don't Run