Super 8 Interactive TrailerWhat has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated films of the year, J.J. Abrams's sci-fi alien film Super 8, just keeps on pushing the boundaries of what internet buzz and viral marketing can do to pitch a film.

A Super 8 teaser trailer debuted in front of last year's Iron Man a full year before it would hit theaters. Then Super Bowl audiences were wowed with a little more footage that threw a strong  E.T. influence and 70's Spielberg nostalgia into the mix. Last month the internet exploded when someone found a reference to a viral marketing site called hidden within the closing frames of the official full-length Super 8 trailer.

Now, buried within the extras menu of the recently released Portal 2 PC video game is an interactive trailer that allows a player to walk around within the train crash wreckage we saw in Super 8's previous trailers. Nothing really new is revealed, but it does offer a never-explored way of latching a film onto the buzz of a newly released video game. Sure, the co-branding idea has been around for quite a while, but an interactive trailer? Now that's cool!

Super 8 is written and directed by J.J. Abrams with production and heavy influence from Steven Spielberg. Spielberg's touch can be felt throughout the film that follows a group of friends in a small mid-American town who witness a train crash and soon discover evidence that the crash may not have been a total accident. Super 8 will come to theaters worldwide on June 10th this year.

Watch a walk-through of the interactive trailer hosted by Kotaku: