Fast Five Movie TrailerWe knew from the teaser trailer that was released back in December that the Fast & Furious boys are at it again. Now with a brand new full-length trailer out for number five in the series called Fast Five, we know they have their next mission - a stealthy "in and out" job that'll be over before the victims even know they've been hit. But our experience tells us that these "in & out" missions are never that, and since the "hook" this time around is that the victim is a police station, things just might get all "action-y" again.

There seems to be everything a Fast & Furious fan would want again, including scantily clad women, amazing car chases and even a spectacularly choreographed slow motion stunt involving a car driving over a cliff. As many times as we've this stunt in other films, it hasn't been done quite like this.

The film stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker and is scheduled to hit theaters on April 29.

Watch the trailer below: