Skyfall TrailerWe've known ever since the plot synopsis was revealed several months ago that something from M's past would come back as a major plot point in the upcoming new James Bond film titled Skyfall (the 23rd in the Bond series), but with the recent release of a new trailer, we get a look at more of the details.

Daniel Craig returns as JamesBond 007 in Skyfall which lays out a scenario in which M (Judi Dench) failed to secure a data drive containing the identities and current locations of every British Intelligence Agent currently operating in the field. When the computer drive ends up in the wrong hands, MI6 agents naturally begin turning up missing. Bond doesn't seem immune to the carnage either as he's either deliberately targeted by an assassin's bullet or is hit accidentally. Regardless, 007 returns from the dead intent on revenge.

In addition, to getting a look at Ben Whishaw as Q, we're also treated to a new Bond baddie in the person of a blonde-coiffed Javier Barden who does "bad" better than anyone on the planet.

More trailers are certain to come out between now and when the film releases on November 9 of this year, but until then you can watch the new trailer for Skyfall below or head over to Yahoo! Movies where you can see it in high resolution.