Real Steel Official TrailerThe first official trailer for Shawn Levy's (Night at the Museum) Real Steel has hit the web revealing that there appears to be more in there than what we originally saw in the film's teaser trailer.

The WWE, crossed with Transformers, crossed with Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots impression we came away with after seeing the teaser trailer last December left us a little cold and quite frankly, embarrassed for all those involved with this project... especially Hugh Jackman.

But after watching the new full-length official trailer for Real Steel, we're starting to believe Levy's promise that the movie is a mix of action and genuine heart.

The new trailer gives a look at the story behind the action, namely, the father-son relationship of Hugh Jackman's character, Charlie, and that of his estranged son, Max, played by Dakota Goyo. We learn from the trailer that it's actually Max who has dreams of building a champion fighting robot, while enlisting the help of his washed-up fighter father to make his dream come true.

Of course, it's still to be determined whether or not Levy, working from a script by John Gatins, can pull it off that human dynamic, but they're definitely punching in all he right places with their attempts to build a sports action movie around the father/son story. As is usually the case, we're huge suckers for these big-hearted films, and then throw in a good sports backdrop - we're already beginning to tear up.

Anyway, below we have the official feature-length trailer for Real Steel, a boxing drama set in the near-future where 2,000-pound robots do battle in the boxfight arena. The film is slated for a November 18 release with a sequel reportedly already in the works. Sounds like Disney already believes in this one. Real Steel stars Hugh Jackman, Kevin Durand, Evangeline Lilly, Anthony Mackie, and Dakota Goyo.

Check out the trailer below: