Puss in Boots Trailer and Poster

Puss in Boots gets a trailer and poster. And no, we don't mean the 1934 Kimio Yakubi animated fairy tale adventure that swept Japan in the late '60s and early '70s… nor any of the other more than two dozen or so films/shows/videos that share the name of the the Shrek spin-off that stars the voice of Antonio Banderas.

The animation studio that's not Pixar wore the Shrek gravy train down to a nub and is now looking to revitalize their mojo with the tale of the sword fighting cat that became of member Shrek's swamp-living revolutionary posse.

Let me guess, we'll probably have no fewer than two or three moments that call for the swarthy feline to stop and slowly turn his head to the camera with huge, glassy sympathy-seeking eyes. We've seen it all before and although they refrained from the familiar sequence in this trailer, we see nothing to suggest we're in for anything original or uniquely imaginative.

Anyway, the film just got a shiny new poster and a teaser trailer (via Apple.com) that debuted over the weekend. You can check them both out below. The film is due for a holiday release on November 4:


Puss in Boots poster and trailer