Conan the Barbarian UK International TrailerFilm geeks had a good laugh when the uninspired teaser trailer for Marcus Nispel's remake of Conan the Barbarian hit the web back in March that featured way too much cheesy dialogue, an over-the-top trailer voice-over guy and an uninspired montage of floating characters.

Soon after, the laughs were tempered a bit when the first official full-length trailer hit the web that featured less talking and some very cool cgi-work. It began to take on the look of what we all want this film to be, even though we could have done without the rock-heavy soundtrack accompaniment.

The laughs are now on us now as the blistering new international trailer has been released that features a ton of new sword-fighting action. Looks like the cheesy acting and stilted dialogue will stay however, but the action seems as savage and gruesome as ever. Also gone is the heavy metal soundtrack, but we're glad to see more of Ron Perlman as Conan's father, Corin even though his role is very limited in the film.

Conan the Barbarian stars Ron Perlman, Rachel Nichols, Rose McGowan and of course Jason Momoa as Conan who goes on a quest to find and destroy the warlord responsible for his father's (Ron Perlman) death. Meanwhile, this warlord (Stephen Lang) is on a mission to find Tamara (Rachel Nichols) who is the key to a mysterious ritual of resurrection.

Conan is slated to invade theaters on August 19th. You can watch the newly released UK version of the trailer below: