The Birth of a Nation - Movie Trailer

You a child of God. You got a purpose. The Lord put it there, and nobody can take it away.

Synopsis: Set against the antebellum South, The Birth of a Nation follows Nat Turner (Nate Parker), a literate slave and preacher, whose financially strained owner, Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer), accepts an offer to use Nat’s preaching to subdue unruly slaves. As he witnesses countless atrocities – against himself and elbow slaves – Nat orchestrates an uprising in the hope of leading his people to freedom.

Release Date: October 7, 2016

Director: Nate Parker

Writer: Nate Parker

Cast: Nate Parker, Armie Hammer, Mark Boone Fr. Coman Domingo


And here's the wonderful poster for The Birth of a Nation (click to enlarge):

The Birth of a Nation poster