Larry Crowne First TrailerTom Hanks produces, co-writes, stars in, and directs the new dramatic comedy, Larry Crowne. And who knows, he may have even cut this new trailer that hit the web today via Yahoo. The film also stars Academy Award winner Julia Roberts, Taraji P. Henson and lo and behold, Pam Grier.

Watching this makes us wonder why these two haven't been paired more often than they have. They both seem to be getting better with age, and while we realize it's only a trailer, there seems to be a wonderful chemistry between the two. It's a well-worn plot, but they make it feel so fresh and new.

The story has them falling in love after Larry (Hanks) reinvents himself by attending classes at a local night school, one of them taught by Roberts' character.

Universal has Larry Crowne slated for release in theaters across the country on July 1st.

Watch the trailer below or head on over to Yahoo to see it in HD: