Men in Black 3 trailer

After numerous delays, including one that saw production halted while a new screenwriter (David Koepp) was brought in to polish things up, the Men in Black III train has now officially left the station with its first trailer that hit the web today.

In the trailer, we learn of the film's time-travel element in which Agent J is forced to do some time-jumping as he searches for his partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) who he learns actually died some 40 years ago. As J hops back to 1969, he meets up with a young Agent K who is played by Josh Brolin.

Although we're still keeping hope alive that the film's makers can rediscover the mojo that made the first film in the franchise so delightfully enjoyable, this trailer doesn't help. Sure, it's just a teaser, but there's not much here that feels special or unique, save for the reveal of Josh Brolin as the younger Tommy Lee Jones. Rather than an advertisement for the upcoming installment in the saga, the trailer seems to be more of a recap to refresh aging fans or enlighten newcomers to the franchise of who the Men the Black are, what they do, and how they capture extraterrestrials

Men in Black III is scheduled to hit theaters on May 25, just in time for the big summer season. It is directed by Barry Sonenfeld who also helmed the first two. It stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson, and Bill Hader. You can watch the trailer for Men in Black III below.