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Pickaxe - Movie Review

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It is during the hunt for killer Alex Black’s amulet; that’s how this slasher opens.  A young couple Paul and Dana Farmer are walking around in a forest after dark. They are hoping to find a piece of this serial killer’s property to make big money off of it.  People will pay a lot for some of the most demented shit and they know it’s out there in the woods. Somewhere.  

"the teenagers in this 1988-set flick are more annoying than they ought to be, but no worries: they will all be dead soon enough."

But then Dana flashes her tits and it’s all over but the screaming.  

Oh, there is a lot of screaming  . . . but it’s all in ecstasy. That’s right, Pickaxe takes its opening sex scene seriously and delivers one hell of a way to get your attention with a whole lot of tits and ass. Poor, poor, stupid Paul. He goes from being the luckiest dude in the forest that night to, well, the deadest. You’ll see it all because this flick delivers the bloody goods and doesn’t skimp on the nubile flesh (which has seriously been lacking in recent releases) either.  

If the swinging of the axe doesn’t get you, then certainly the bloodshed will.  From the beginning sex to the blood ritual that ends it, Pickaxe definitely walks the walk.  That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much.  The other is the wicked script which sends-up a lot of what we once loved about 80s horror. {googleads}

The freeze frame capping the opening says it all, Alex Black is back!  And Woodland Hills, which has been quiet for nearly five years, will never be the same again.  The teens in this Texas town are twisted and so are their plans and it is all thanks to a misguided Sacrilegious Desecration concert that is scheduled to be held at the site of all the killings those years ago.

And that is our set-up in this horror/comedy that throws us right back into the slasher flicks of a by-gone era.  We have two survivors from the original bloodbath and a whole lot of sex-starved teens that come crashing together during this concert-themed party.  And, yeah, they all stay together in yet another cabin in the woods.Pickaxe

It’s a horror movie full of bad ideas.  And, yes, the teenagers in this 1988-set flick are more annoying than they ought to be, but no worries: they will all be dead soon enough.  You’ll be rooting for the bad guy in this one, folks. That’s by design.  

Wild Eye Releasing is proud to present Pickaxe, a fun homage to all things 1980s horror.  Written and directed by Jeremy Sumrall and starring Phantasm’s A. Michael Baldwin as Sheriff Mathews and Strange Nature’s Tiffany Shepis as Adrienne, horror hits hard on one small town experiences the serial killing thanks to a bizarre ritual that resurrects a deranged killer and he has a town full of tourists to have fun with.

Start the swinging now!  Pickaxe is now available on digital from Wild Eye Releasing.

3/5 stars



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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
87 mins
: Jeremy Sumrall
Jeremy Sumrall
Cory W. Ahre, A. Michael Baldwin, Keefer Barlow
: Horror
An urban legend reborn.
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Wild Eye Releasing
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Release Date:
November 5, 2019
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
April 23, 1987
Synopsis: In the summer of 1982, a group of campers was horribly slaughtered at Camp Arapaho in the sleepy little town of Woodland Hills. The 10 gruesome murders were blamed on Alex Black, a mysterious man believed to have been the son of Satan himself, whom the townspeople had hunted down and lynched nearly 20 years prior. A young woman named Adrienne was able to defeat Alex and put a stop to the killing spree.



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