The Voices

Opening with two tied-up women struggling for their lives gives audiences a knee-jerk reaction as award-winning filmmaker Nathanieal Nuon’s new thriller, The Voices, begins.  Wait? What!  The Saw-like atmosphere of this slowly unwinding thriller, as it begins, might leave us a little disturbed BUT thankfully, we don’t stay trapped in this dark room with two crying women for long.

"takes the lessons laid out in Paul Simon’s Mother and Child Reunion to its HAUNTED heart."

The Voices is a visually interesting horror film - with some great moments of gore reveals - that many, many layers but no straight TEAR toward them.  We are left to go from one flashback to the next, hoping that it will lead us back to that bound and gagged beginning.  It is a film with probably one too many narrative segues as we journey to get to the truth of why the dead are HELLBENT on communicating with a happily married and pregnant young woman.

Ripe with STACKED flashbacks, The Voices is about a blind child psychiatrist, Lilly (Valerie Jane Parker), who hears the voices of the haunted dead, and her coming to terms with her pregnancy.  Since the childhood accident that took her vision, she has heard these voices and some of their reveals have been quite disturbing.  

Thanks to developed heightened hearing, she struggles to come to terms with her abilities in the wake of her impending childbirth and the traumatic childhood incident which started them.  Something doesn’t add up with what she is experiencing, though.  Therein lies the long winded journey The Voices takes us on.  The Voices

Starring genre regulars Ashley Bell, Jordan Ladd, and Leslie Easterbrook, The Voices might be unnerving in its approach to the supernatural, but the SLOW BURN at work here feels a bit too mellow at times to add up to its intended effect as LILLY - thanks to all the voices in her head - must decide which of these chilling voices will be reborn with the arrival of her child.  That’s right, her baby is merely a vessel for the voices she’s heard SINCE the accident.  

And they all want a chance to BE BORN AGAIN!.

Up front and center, though, is one voice which she absolutely cannot shake.  It is that of a little girl who is interwoven with a cold case from years past and now she finds herself in a desperate struggle with the girl's murderers and the souls vying to be BORN.

From Vertical Entertainment, and award-winning filmmaker Nathaniel Nuon, hear The Voices this April.  Co-starring Valerie Jane Parker (Wrong Turn), Jenna Harvey (You Might Be The Killer), Jonathan Stoddard (The Young and the Restless), and Rezeta Veliu (Girls) and written by Nuon and Daniel Hathcock, The Voices takes the lessons laid out in Paul Simon’s Mother and Child Reunion to its HAUNTED heart.

Hear The Voices for yourself!  The horror flick is now streaming on all VOD platforms.

3/5 stars

Film Details

The Voices

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
108 mins
: Nathaniel Nuon
Nathaniel Nuon and Daniel Hathcock
Ashley Bell, Jordan Ladd, Leslie Easterbrook
: Horror
Don't Believe Everything You Hear.
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Vertical Entertainment
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Release Date:
April 2, 2021
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Synopsis: After visiting her father's grave, Lilly and her mother are involved in a terrible car accident leaving Lilly orphaned and unable to see. In her youth, she struggles with her blindness and begins to hear voices. Unbeknownst to her they don't belong to the living. After years of learning to cope, Lilly is now happily married with a baby on the way. Lilly soon discovers her unborn baby has become a vessel a second chance for souls stuck in limbo to be re-born. She only has until the baby's first heartbeat to decide which soul will be re-born through her. Now the voices she heard in her youth have returned, clamoring for the chance to come back. Among the voices, she befriends the spirit of a little girl tied to a years-old cold case. Lilly finds herself in a desperate struggle with the girl's murderers and the souls vying to be born again.


The Voices