The Last Deal (2023)

Opening with a strong montage - with a charismatic voiceover from Worcester's Anthony Molinari (who plays Vince) - which explains how new laws making cannabis legal in California have made it difficult for this black mark marijuana dealer, The Last Deal proves to be a legit action thriller for those needing a bit more octane in their day-to-day activities.

"Crisp in dialogue and crackling with solid cinematography"

With limited dispensary licenses available, Vince knows his back is firmly against the wall.  If he can’t score one soon, he may be out of the business and everything he’s worked for could be flushed down the drain.  Unwilling to wait for bureaucratic nonsense, he borrows money from the wrong sort of people and finds himself on the run from almost everything and everyone.

The Last Deal may be a low budget offering, but it definitely fires on all cylinders thanks to the captivating performance from Molinari and the direction from Jonatham Salemi, who keeps the pace brisk and the camera always in forward motion.  The film has already earned praise as it won Best Director for Salemi at the Boston Film Festival, and later, the Jury Prize for Best Performance for Molinari at the San Antonio Film Festival.

And it is easy to see why.  The drama is scorching as Vince goes out of his way to secure his business and winds up making deals out of desperation that he had no business making.  I guess you really do give it all for the things you believe in and, well, his livelihood as a dealer is on the line. 

Co-starring Mister Fitzgerald (F.B.I.), Jeffri Lauren (Inside & Out), Mike Ferguson (Ebola Rex), Conner Floyd (The Young & The Restless), and Gigi Gustin (The Retaliators), The Last Deal knows its way through a tight space as Vince and company feel the squeeze coming from all sorts of unwanted places.  Things go from bad to worse for Vince as he winds up pissing off the wrong people.The Last Deal (2023)

Crisp in dialogue and crackling with solid cinematography, The Last Deal makes the most from its cast as a lot of stunts are required and the actors - having been former stunt men and women - deliver the goods in spades.  It makes for an exciting watch as Sala Baker, known for his performance as Sauron, comes into focus as the main baddie that Vince owes the money to and he isn’t about to be left empty handed either. 

The formula might feel familiar.  You know, the whole one last deal approach and so on, but there’s enough spark from the cast and the script to add a bit of flavor to its rollout, making it worthy of a watch thanks to the talent involved.  The stunts feel very real and so too does the danger as Vince finds himself in more hot water than he would care to admit thanks to actions here.

The Last Deal arrives in theaters and digital Feb 7, 2023.  To its credit, it feels real and winds up earning its stripes next to other thrillers, like Savages.  The film is a Scatena & Rosner Films release.

4/5 stars

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The Last Deal (2023)

MPAA Rating: R.
91 mins
: Jonathan Salemi
Jonathan Salemi
Anthony Molinari; Sala Baker; Gigi Gustin
: Crime | Thriller
Fortune Favors the Bold
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Scatena & Rosner
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February 7, 2023
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Synopsis: Black market marijuana dealer Vince is living the high life in Los Angeles, but everything changes when new laws pass making cannabis legal. With limited dispensary licenses available, Vince may be squeezed out of the business. He's desperate to make one final score, but borrows money from the wrong people.


The Last Deal (2023)