The Harbinger (2022)

Opening with a deliciously evil situation (which will scare the shit right out of you), The Harbinger makes its chilling intentions clear from the very beginning.  This is a film about nightmares that you just don’t survive or ever outrun. 

The film is laced with the smell of dread as reality tugs at the frame to be let in, but therein lies the charm of this horror tale: The Harbinger feeds on nightmares, bringing them to the surface with a realism that is not soon forgotten . . . even as victims are plucked right out of existence as vulnerabilities are highlighted, exploited, and then - thanks to the deft hands behind the scenes - confirmed in all of us.

"an uneasy but necessary film to watch"

All of which makes The Harbinger an uneasy but necessary film to watch.  Exploitation is the name of the game when it comes to horror and The Harbinger, with is ending affirmations, makes meals out of us all. 

The imagery is dark and disturbing and the atmosphere of the pandemic only adds to the flavor of this inspired horror film and the emotions, which are essential to this film’s recipe, are all in place, adding a more personal touch than what some might expect.  This is the disturbing territory of The Harbinger, which arrives in theaters and on streaming platforms thanks to XYZ Films on December 1st.

Set during the first wave of the pandemic lockdowns before there were vaccinations and such, The Harbinger is already loaded with atmosphere and anxiety.  For some, this will be a reminder of what it was like in those early days of Covid-19 fears and will be chilling on its own. 

In fact, the dread is so poignant and full of pulp that is damn near palpable - especially in the first moments of the movie as Monique (Gabby Beans), who has worked tirelessly to keep her family safe away from NYC receives a pleading phone call from Mavis (Emily Davis), her old college roommate.The Harbinger (2022)

A hug.  A mental health update.  And the unavoidable fear.  There’s nothing quite like The Harbinger as the fear it bleeds out is that of the contagious type.  You will identify.  You will spread it far.  And you will be reminded of its harrowing form as these two women find themselves the target of a sinister shape which feeds off of fear. 

And, in this film, there is no escape from that atmosphere of contagious nightmares as reality becomes a game of deception for the mask-wearing demon who feeds on its victims’ souls and twists reality itself to remove any trace of their ever being there.

Written and directed by Andy Mitton, The Harbinger is produced by Richard W. King and Jay Dunn. Donny Broussard, Thomas Johnston, Isaiah LaBorde, Murray Anthony Roth, and John Paul Summers. The film also stars Ray Anthony Thomas, Myles Walker, and Cody Braverman.

The Harbinger is the latest film from Mitton, who floored audiences with The Witch in the Window and will debut in cinemas and on VOD on December 1st from XYZ Films.

4/5 stars

Film Details

The Harbinger (2022)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
87 mins
: Andy Mitton
Andy Mitton
Emily Davis; Raymond Anthony Thomas; Stephanie Roth Haberle
: Horror
Forget Me Not.
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XYZ Films
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Release Date:
December 1, 2022
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Synopsis: When her oldest friend is plagued by horrific nightmares from the beyond, Monique is forced to travel to NYC. On the first night of the visit, Monique learns the dreams are contagious – and so is the HARBINGER, the plague mask-wearing demon who not only feeds on its victims’ souls, but warps reality itself to remove any trace of their existence.


The Harbinger (2022)